Managing Leads Using CompanyHub is As Easy
And As Flexible As Excel.

Works for B2B XCHARX B2C both

Smart followup suggestions ensure that you never miss a lead again.

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Sales People Hate Updating CRM

But it’s not their mistake. CRMs are time consuming. But not CompanyHub.

Creating Leads

They can quickly create a new Lead /
Contact without leaving the page

Adding Notes / Tasks / Conversations

Þeir geta bætt við starfsemi líka frá sömu síðu.

Editing Like Excel

They can double click any field to make changes. And save all changes in 1 click.

Setting Next Followup Date

It is not necessary to spend minutes creating
followup tasks every time. Just set date
and it will show up in followups.

Innflutningur útflutningur

To import, upload the file, map your
columns to fields and …… done! No fixed
format required. You can also import contacts
& companies from a single file and they
will be automatically associated.

You can also capture leads directly from your
website in CompanyHub

360 ° Skoða viðskiptavini

Get complete details of your customers in 1 place – see all the conversations, activities
and tasks scheduled with them – Easy Contact Management

Smart followup suggestions. So you never miss a lead again.

CompanyHub reminds you of contacts you need to followup. Just set hotness indicating how often you would like to stay in touch. Whenever there is lack of communication, you will automatically get a followup reminder.

Track all the information you need with custom fields

Track any information like geography, industry, size etc using custom fields.

You can use them in:.



Innflutningur útflutningur


…almost everywhere.

You can also associate different records, like associate Deal with Contact, using custom fields.
You can also group fields in sections, reorder / hide fields and change columns.

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