Customizable CRM


Lead Management

Quick Add (Shortcut)

Quickly create a new Lead / Contact without leaving the page

manage leads - quick add

Add notes / tasks / conversation

Add activity also from same page

Manage Leads -  add notes conversation tasks

Edit like excel

Double click any field to make changes. Save all changes in 1 click.

Manage Leads -  make changes like excel

360 degree view

Click on name to see all notes, conversations & all other details in 1 place

360 view of contact

Import & Export

To import, upload the file, map your columns to fields and …… done!


You can also export all your records

Select fields to export

Custom Fields

Track any information like geography, industry, size etc or associate different records using custom fields. You can also create reports & filters using custom fields.

Customizable CRM - add custom field

Filter Records / Change Columns

You can filter records based on any field, including custom fields. You can change columns too.

customizable crm - save filters and change columns

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Easy as excel.

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