CompanyHub – Our Journey has just started.

December 25, 2017

How we started:-

The idea struck us in 2015 when we found that sales teams could not customize their CRM themselves and needed to get in touch with support team of CRM provider to seek the desired outcome. Plus this process was time consuming.That is when CompanyHub was born with an intention to become the most Customizable CRM.

With a vision to make sales team members lives easy and building a CRM that will be the simplest to use plus can be customized without any technical assistance, reducing dependency on the CRM provider.

We also wanted to be a solution that suits all industry verticals and we built a CRM and yes which can be customized as per your business process and not a CRM where you have to fit in the as per the structure of CRM. There were many potential CRM’s which had customization and charged heavily for customization, we stood out as we charged nothing for it. Today we are compatible with most of the industry verticals like a CRM for Education, CRM for Real estate, CRM for IT services etc.

As 2016 commenced, we worked upon the product UI and strived to make it so simple that even a person who would start using a CRM for the first time,will find it his cup of tea without any hassles. Plus a system which he/she can customize by self with no assistance at all. We worked on adding features like two way email sync,bulk emails,email tracking which caters to your email marketing and other features like quotations, sales orders, robust deal pipeline etc.

In 2017 we had 2 eureka moments. First – despite that fact that all CRMs (including us) claim to be really easy to use, sales people find them very time consuming. We took this as a challenge and redesigned the system to be as easy as excel. Now you can manage leads from a single page. This has been highly appreciated by our customers. Second – What if normal users can create automated alerts / custom logic with just drag n drop? There is no software in the world that lets you do this. The max you can do is check some conditions and do some actions. We wanted it to be really powerful yet very easy. But it turned out to be much more challenging than what we thought. But finally we succeeded in building it the way we wanted and will be making this publicly available shortly

Happy Times:-

Our customers have brought us most of the happy moments as they stand as strong pillars of our success and we take this opportunity to thank all of them for supporting us and believing in us. With 3500+ happy users,we are obliged and appreciate all our users for making 2017 such an awesome year for us. We will not name only a few brands of them but we are happy to have all our users who have walked with us as they make us what we are today.

Also to mention we are happy about winning Red Herring top 100 Asia Awards 2017 award this year and Rising Star Award by Finances Online.

What’s Next? :-

We too are excited to welcome 2018 as we see more business opportunities coming for us to grow. With 2018 we come with our biggest innovation, CompanyHub CRM Automation !!!

Automation will empower the user to customize the account without even a single code. It will be #saynotodevelopers year where the user will not need to get in touch or wait for developers help. With features like drag and drop, triggered actions, bulk scheduling and updating features, users will have the freedom to have a CRM as they want. Users can now resolve many of their business issues with such features themselves.

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