How to Write Personal Sales Email – With 15+ Examples

September 2, 2016

If you are like majority sales people, your “personal” sales email might look something like this:

Sales Email Template 1

What’s wrong with such a mail you feel?
I have company name, contact name and company type in the mail. Isn’t this a personal mail?


So what is missing ?

It might have been considered a personal mail when email marketing was in nascent stages or when social networks didn’t make so much information publicly available.

Now almost every company that does email marketing, gathers and uses this information in emails. Your prospects receive hundreds of such emails and as some time passes, they tend to ignore such mails.

You need to go beyond this basic “personalization” to get their attention and interest.

Here is an example of successful personal email that I tried with one of my friend to win his potential prospect,

Sales Email Template 2

You can also write such attention grabbing emails and get more responses.

To catch prospect’s attention, you should strike with an incidence or a thing that is very close to them or done by them. This will help to spark your conversation.

This sounds complicated right? But it is NOT.

Increased use of social media, online communities, blogs and business website makes it really simple to guess what is happening with your target person and analyse if it’s better time to talk. It is important to understand these changes, why they are happening, what buyers expect, and how you can adapt your sales and marketing messages to match the needs of prospect.

Building blocks of any email are subject, body and closing. Let’s see how you can have a personal touch to every part.

Although subject comes first in email writing, I normally think about subject line in the end. So will discuss it in few moments.


Sales Email Body

Email body can be divided into 2 parts after initial salutation.

1.Conversation Spark :

Normally people start email by own introduction. It’s good etiquette to give your intro first, but unfortunately it does not help in first email unless your brand is already known to them.

You are a complete stranger to the person you are talking to, so you completely miss an opportunity to get their attention at beginning if you start with your intro.

So how to start?

There are mainly two types of conversation sparks

Incidental :

In this case, generally you came across or find some incidence which could be Webinar, Blog Post Comment, News, Community Conversation, Tweet, Meeting, Live Event etc.

It’s very important that you refer this incidence straight at the beginning to get their attention.

For example : Let’s say, you have a CRM software product which is perfect suit for Account based selling. You are attending a webinar about ABS on Sales Hacker community, and you find someone asking what are the best / preferable tools for ABS.

It’s your chance to take this opportunity, and reach to the questioner with conversation spark like,

Sales Email Template 3

This 2 line opening can immediately grab their attention as it shows, you know the person you are talking to and have a common interest as he / she has. They will be more excited to read next things, as they are actually looking for it.
You can similarly use other incidents to get conversation started.

This is the ideal case for which SDR’s always hope. Because this effortlessly make the personal and effective email opening.

Non Incidental :

We know that ideals are not spread everywhere. And it become really difficult to find them daily.
So it’s not always the case that you find someone talking relevant to your business.

Still you have to find a personal touch in email and the only thing that you have with you is, prospect’s Linkedin profile.

So how can you make most out of the Linkedin profile? How can you give a personal touch to your conversation only with Linkedin profile?

Enlisted are the things that a Linkedin profile can give you.

  1. Name
  2. Company
  3. Website
  4. Position
  5. Professional Journey
  6. Quality
  7. Skills
  8. Colleagues
  9. Recent Posts
  10. Geography
  11. Interest / Summary
  12. Educational Background

If you put all this information together, you can write a good conversation spark. Here are some examples that I have tried. You can refer them to get some basic idea of how can you write a conversation spark.

Writing to a Founder / CEO

Sales Email Template 4

Writing to a Quality analyst

Sales Email Template 5

Writing to a Product Manager

Sales Email Template 6

2.Problem :

Once you all set with your conversation spark, the next thing that should be included in email is, the problem. This is soul of email and if you nurture it in right way, you are the winner. Problem description should consider following 2 stages and identify the appropriate one.,

Prospect is not aware of problem:

This might happen that you can clearly see the problem with prospect, but they are not aware of it or never noticed it. In this case, you can refer to some relevant case study and make them realize that they have a serious problem. And it’s your responsibility to help them understanding it better.

For Example : Suppose you are working for a company that have a product of creating online survey forms. You want to deliver this application to online food delivery company and they don’t have feedback collection forms on their site,

Sales Email Template 7

This type of problem definition normally works better with Non incidental conversation spark.

Prospect knows the problem:

If prospect is looking for the help about service you provide, there might be chances that they already realised the problem and looking for the solution. In this case, you can mimic the problem in their words and try to help them understand the problem / solution in better way. And as you provide the service that they are looking for, so it’s always better to present yourself in commanding / knowledgeable person’s role who can understand their problem better and here to help them.

For Example : As we have seen earlier, that if some one asking for a best tools for ABS, it means they realised the importance of ABS. If you think your tool is best fit you can describe this problem step like,

Sales Email Template 8


Closing of Sales Email

This part should clearly mention an action that you want a prospect should take. It’s always better if you provide some valuable and useful tip for them instead of asking for demo or to buy your product. I prefer to ask for next conversation that should not always necessary about business and focus on realizing them that, I am here to help you.

You can also point to few samples that can prove your idea and give some value to the prospect.

For Example :

Sales Email Template 9



Subject really impact your open rate and if you learn the art of writing your subject, you are more likely to win. Because your whole efforts will be meaningless if you can’t put a proper subject. The study says that,

Personalized subject lines 22.2 % more likely to open

So how I learned to write this?
It’s actually very simple.
Generally questions and referrals work better for email subject. So just ask question about the topic of their recent interest or add a name of mutual person.


ALERT : Don’t get over Personal

Although I suggest to write personal email, it must be within professional boundaries and should not look over personal. Always avoid using smiles or personal question unless you get some conversation going. For example, you can’t ask person that “What you had in lunch?” in first email.


Expected results and efforts :

If you follow this strategy correctly, you can expect a very high quality results than your bulk outreach. Here are some results that I have experienced from this strategy and so you can.

Benefits of writing personal emails

Although the process looks a bit time consuming, believe me it is worth. For beginning, you can start with 5 prospects per day and try to increase as much as you get involved. On an average 10 prospects can be considered as good target. That can give you more than 200 customers per SDR per year only with email outreach. As long as you follow this strategy, it always keep your interest and motivation with overwhelming results.

Now It’s Your Turn to Write Email

Now it’s time to create your own email.

To help you understand better, we have created many email templates, for many industries.

Download the free email templates now:

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