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BizApps Use Cases

With UTrons the possibilities are endless,
You can automate almost all the business processes that you do on daily basis
  • Data Changes UTron
    • Check & Disallow duplicates
    • Create task when a new project is added
    • Notify manager whenever a new bug is reported
    • Send welcome email to client whenever a new contact is added
    • Created Task for document verification for new clients
    • Update Customer status when a project is completed
    • Send feedback email to client as soon as project is marked as completed.
  • Scheduled UTron
    • Send birthday mails
    • Send sequance of emails
    • Send automatic mail after some days
    • Thank you and followup email after a project is closed
  • One Time Changes UTron
    • After someone leaves the company, assign all his data to another employee
    • Create task for Contacts that have lost touch for more than 6 months
    • Assign all data of a paricular industry to a specialist

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