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CompanyHub Can Be Completely
Tailored for Your Needs


Every industry is different!

So we made CompanyHub lot more customizable than other CRMs. Can be easily adapted to your needs with simple drag and drop.

  • Quotes
  • Commissions & Incentives
  • Scheduled Payments

  • Products
  • Pricelists
  • Quotations & Orders

Real Estate
  • Properties / Projects
  • Bookings
  • Site visits

  • Itinerary
  • Packages
  • Locations

Build Your Own CRM With Drag – Drop

Filter Records in 1 Click

Create filters to see only those that match certain criteria like – of particular geography / industry / user etc. You can even choose which columns to show.

360° View of Customer

Get complete details of your customers in 1 place


  • Notes & Conversations
  • Attachments
  • Deals & Task

Automatically import leads from email / website

Gather leads and clients from all sources in one place

You can add Contacts in different ways

  • Capture from email
  • Capture from website / social media
  • Upload file and Import
  • Manually

Followup Suggestions

CompanyHub auto suggests followups. So you never miss a lead. You can also get followup suggestions in mail.


Only CRM That Doesn’t Take More Time Than Excel

From a single screen you can create contacts, modify like excel, add notes / conversations

Create Reports While in Meeting

Take decisions based on facts, not guesses


Complete Visibility in Sales

CompanyHub helps you analyse your performance from different angles and find areas for improvement.


Email Automation

Save time & reach right leads at right time

  • Email Sync
  • Bulk Mail
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Remind if no reply

Email Sync & Tracking

Your email conversations with leads can be automatically synced in the CRM (optional). You can also track email opens & link clicks.

Bulk Mail – Save Time In Sending Mails

You can send a mail to multiple recipients in 1 click. Email can be personalized for each person by adding fields like First name, Company etc.

Put Your Sales on Autopilot with UTrons – Sales Bots.

Automate the boring. Do the productive.

  • Send birthday emails
  • Reminders to Clients
  • Automate Alerts to Sales People
  • Automatically Create Tasks for Sales People

What Our Users Say…

Your team has built such a thoughtful, powerful product – it’s clear how much time and attention has gone into this behind the scenes. I’ve tried out a lot of CRM’s, and nothing else matches up to functionality, usability and flexibility you’ve built in here… Very excited to be using it, i know it will make my business more successful

Jordan Goldman

Founder & CEO of Unigo (acquired) and Switchboard (acquired)

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