Personal CRM

CompanyHub Personal CRM Helps Individuals In Growing
Their Professional Relationships And Network

Let adaptive and smarter software manage everything for you
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Sync From LinkedIn, Email, Contacts, Calendar, And More

Our personal CRM understands interactions and relationships deeply
and makes intelligent inferences accordingly

Manage Your Tasks Easily

CompanyHub’s CRM solution pulls in customer information securely and privately, from all their accounts. The software acts as and when needed.

Contextual Filtering

Personal CRM created by CompanyHub automatically ignores irrelevant information including spammer contacts and keeps the stuff needed by the user.

Strong Privacy Protections

We give high priority to security and privacy of customer’s account. Our personal CRM software solution prevents data leakage and maintains the security of sensitive information.

No Dealing With Ambiguous Emails Or Events

CompanyHub’s personal CRM identifies and analyses meals, intro emails, etc. using natural language processing. No manual input is required.

Keep Track Of Your Family And Friends

Keep track of all the information of your contacts including their current workplace, major life events, contact information, hobbies and more

Enhance Your Career

Personal CRM is ideal for sole proprietors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors,
and others who are looking forward to cultivating and growing their network.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Helps In Reducing Clutter

Our personal CRM software solution combines contacts and interactions to identify the same individuals across different services. It also helps reduce clutter by facilitating users with intelligently organized email threads.

The Powerful Tool Helps In Centralizing The Contacts
And Managing Network Efficiently

You can use it to –

Build Relationships

Navigate The Network


Sending Reminders

Remember things and important details about your contacts like phone call notes
and how you met so you can improve the relationships further. Set reminders for tasks or
conversations related to your contacts.

Abhishek A Agrawal
April 16, 2019

CRM for Consultants

CompanyHub CRM For Consultants Features All The Necessary Tools
For Maintaining The Database Of Existing Clients And Prospects

The tool also helps in managing quotes, projects, and invoices.
It also facilitates users with time tracking feature
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Leverage Advanced Automation For Business Growth

Automate your marketing and sales to convert and capture leads while creating a huge client base

Manage Leads And Clients Better

Our CRM for Consultants limits the use of spreadsheets and allows users to manage their clients and leads smartly.

Win More Projects

Keep track of client calls and communication using our CRM for Consultants

Streamlining Business Processes

By choosing our CRM for consultants you can easily manage your daily professional tasks and focus on your client’s requirements better.

Better Decision Making

CRM for Consultants allows users to make business decisions accurately in the real-time. Meeting professionals become easier for them.

Easy Contact Management

Our CRM solution allows users to maintain their business relationships by staying in contact with clients and prospects. This helps in closing deals faster and gains an increased number of referrals.

Affordable Solution

CompanyHub’s cost-effective CRM solution offers access to technical support,
Marketing and Sales solutions, and pre‐built reports.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Easy Integration With Existing System

We create flexible CRM for Consultants that easily integrates the current system of the business. It is configured to match your specific industry requirements, business processes, and workflows.

CRM For Consultants Increases The Productivity
Of Professionals And Doubles Sales

You can use the tool for



Business Process


Consultants can reap the benefits of online editing, Download links,
File sharing, Document approvals, and workload planning.
Additional benefits offered by our CRM solution are Task management,
time management, and document management.

Abhishek A Agrawal

CRM For Freelancers

CRM For Freelancers Designed By CompanyHub Comes With
Two Major Elements – Invoices And Quotes,
Both Of Which Are Essential For Freelancers.

The in-built features like file sharing and
storage in our CRM solutions ease the work of freelancers further.
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Keep Track Of Your Tasks And Manage Sales Funnel

Our CRM solution allows the users to track their current assignment, clients and deadlines

Maintain Records For Everything

Keep a database of activity and clients, while maintaining records of your conversations with detailed annotation

Track Your Personal Progress

CRM for freelancers designed by CompanyHub allows users to conduct an in-depth analysis of their performance and progress

Detailed To-Do Lists

Our CRM solution allows users to keep detailed information on customer requirements. Plus, you don’t have to face the hassle of managing deadlines

Optimize Work Efficiency

CRM Software Solution customized by boost work efficiency of the professionals by helping them keeps track of the sales process and prospective customer.

Lead Management

Keep detailed information of your prospective customer with CRM for freelancers. Efficient management of the sales process will help you in creating happy customers and deliver the best results.


Create and manage tasks easily with CRM software.
From little jobs to important meetings, you can create reminders for everything on this system.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Powerful Reports

Analyze your financial and sales data using CRM for freelancers. The software also generates reports based on the data saved in the system. This helps in determining the efficiency of different stages of the sales funnel.

The Powerful Tool Allows Users To Organize Invoices
And Keep Track Of Ones That Are Tet To Be Cleared

Our CRM for freelancers is perfect for managing tasks and projects.

You can use them in –



Lead Generation

Time Tracking

Freelancers are benefitted with Email marketing, custom sales stages, tasks templates, inline
editing, file sharing, and document approval features.
Communication features like Private social network, Video conferencing, Email server and
Instant group chat/messaging are add-ons of our CRM solution.

Abhishek A Agrawal

CRM For Lawyers

CompanyHub CRM For Lawyers Is A Secure Way Of Managing
Legal Cases And Client Relationships

We offer a comprehensive system that includes optimal
practice/case management features
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Exclusively Designed CRM for Better Task Management

Our CRM for Lawyers focuses on client retention, lead management, and client intake.

Grow your firm’s business
with bona fide CRM for layers

Our CRM solution is ideal for filing dates, courting dates, tracking clients, and managing contact requests.

Easy Accessibility

You can access and share information from anywhere, anytime with our CRM for Lawyers.

Improved Performance

Extractingclient information and creating analytics reports is easy with our customized CRM solutions. This helps users in improving the profitability of their law firm.

Tracking Clients

CompanyHub’s goal is to help the law firms in tracking their prospective clients’right start.

Enhances Team’s Efficiency

Company Hub’s CRM for Lawyers isn’t limited to customer relationship management. From saving important data to tracking important dates and filing deadlines you can automate a number of tasks using this system.

Streamline the Process

Our CRM system features form builder, lead and contact management,
task management and many other tools that help in streamlining the whole process efficiently.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation


Our CRM is integrated with legal practice management systems that facilitate the users with comprehensive solutions customized for the particular needs of the Law firms.

CompanyHub’s CRM for Lawyers saves the time and efforts of teams

We offer complete solutions to eliminate loopholes in the firm’s working

Our Fully featured CRM offers the benefits of –



Import & Export

…almost everywhere.

Currencies and Taxes, Calendars and Scheduling, Phone Call Recording,
Custom Reports Analyze your pipeline, client relationships, and success rate of your firm,
while managing clients and leads.

Abhishek A Agrawal
March 27, 2019

CRM For Photographers

CompanyHub CRM For Photographers Is Ideal
For Flawless Management Of Client Base

Optimize your work with in-depth database and smart finance management
We offer smart CRM solutions for faster lead generation.
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Manage Tasks With Detailed To-Do Lists

You can easily track the project’s progress and special requirement

Improve Your Work Efficiency

Automate boring daily tasks to concentrate on lead tracking and management and improve work efficiency

Contact Management

Easily access detailed information of all your current clients including the hot leads

Easy Billing

The in-built invoice feature of our CRM will allow you to organize and send invoices easily

Easy Follow-ups

CompanyHub allows you to set reminders for important meetings and various small tasks

Easy Report Generation

Reporting tools will analyze your financial and sales data efficiently.
The reports generated on the given data help you in mapping the efficiency of various
stages of sales funnel.

Lead Generation

Our CRM for photographers not only allows you to add sales emails of potential leads in the list,
but also offers the benefits of automated email addresses.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Manages Multiple Sales Pipelines

CRM for Photographers lets the users separate their sales by product or workflow. Proper management of sales pipelines makes it easier for the team to manage different processes customized for different projects, customers, or markets.

The powerful elements included, double
the efficiency of sales teams

The tool comes with a combination of features

You can use them in:



Import & Export

…almost everywhere.

Reminders, project management, calendars, lead generation forms, billing systems,
and to do lists that will surely enrich your photography career.
Additional features like cost management and budgeting enhance the overall worth of CRM for

Abhishek A Agrawal