With Our B2C CRM, Make your Customers Happy and Your Business Happier!

Efficient lead management, filtering out the right leads, personalized treatment – everything you ever wanted from a B2C CRM is here!

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CompanyHub’s B2C CRM Gives You Only What You Need!

Tired of getting companies and businesses in suggestions? Not here! Our B2C CRM eliminates companies from your listings, so you could reach out straight to individuals and get fruitful leads

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Get Absolute Control Over Your Business with CompanyHub

You get to choose everything! With our highly customizable B2C CRM, you get complete territory management solutions with a say in every step of the process, be it distributing leads among users or choosing who sees what – our custom fields await your decision!

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Business Filters
Email Hacks

The One-Stop for All Your Email Hacks!

95% of online businesses use emails to reach out to their customers, why should you stay behind? So CompanyHub’s B2C CRM gives you loads of features to get that email right! Personalized templates to choose from, Bulk emailing features and lots more. Also, not to forget

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CompanyHub’s Immediate Appointment Feature for More Sales

What stands between you and your customer booking you? Unnecessary clicks! Don’t lose the interest of your customer; get immediate bookings done in a single click when you send mails via CompanyHub’s B2C CRM.

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Automated Quotes

Switch to Our Automated B2C CRM Because Time Is Money!

Why waste your sales force into tasks that our B2C can perform fully automated? Quote management is one such task: CompanyHub lets you create quotations on personalized templates in a single click!

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Speaking of Time, We’ll Help you With your Timing Too!

Get one step ahead of your competitors by never missing a date. Sending out birthday mails or closing deals, our automated reminders and “follow up” suggestions will make sure you stay in touch with your contacts.

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Automated Quotes
Easy Tracking

Track Anything, and Everything!

Get a better understanding of your customers by getting a hold on their purchase behaviours, demographics and lots more. Our excelled PI framework lets you track everything from transactions to customer behaviour.

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The B2C CRM for Best Data Storage

Security? Privacy?
All sorted in a single place with 360 view. So, all your emails, conversations, data just got easier to access and manage. Plus, there’s more – we understand your need of collecting documents from your clients. Our B2C CRM enables easy attachments for your contacts and gathers all docs in a repository.

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360 Customer View
Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting Tools to Guide your Future Strategies

Not just keeping the data stored in one secure place, our B2C CRM also comes with powerful analytics and reporting tools to help you make the most of that data. Our intuitive formulae and efficient features will get you real-time updates on customer insights.

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Who Is It For?

CompanyHub’s B2C CRM is especially designed for those dealing in Real estate, education, insurance, and other large ticket businesses. However, for all businesses looking to connect with their consumers directly and more efficiently this is the best a B2C can get!

CompanyHub’s B2C CRM Has the Four Pillars of B2C Success

Automate and personalize all the above
Abhishek A Agrawal
September 30, 2019

Personal CRM

We Make Personal CRM Simpler,
Smarter and Truly Personal

CompanyHub’s highly customizable and futuristic Personal CRM is what every solopreneur needs!
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Followup Suggestions - Customizable CRM

The CRM that Works For You!

Our “Follow-up suggestions” will make sure you don’t miss out on any possibilities. No potential lead goes unnoticed with our special automated “reminders” feature. Thus, making your Personal CRM work for your best!

Putting the “Personal” Into Personal CRM

CompanyHub offers ease of use and customizability like no other. With highly personalized segregation features, you get to make your own filters, define roles and configure visibility just how you want it.

CompanyHub Hotness

Analysing “Hot or Not”

Based on your last conversation date with a potential lead and the interest levels you have indicated towards the conversation, CompanyHub offers the “hotness” meter to help you keep a track of what’s more promising.

Say NO to Confusion with CompanyHub’s Personal CRM.

Tired of too many sheets, tabs, and scattered features? Company Hub’s Personal CRM has eliminated the clutter, and brings to you a single page dynamic. Be it creating a task or editing it, it’s all on the same sheet. Go on, play with it!

Edit Like Excel

Secure and Private Data Storage Options

CompanyHub’s Personal CRM, safely and with concern for your privacy, accesses your mail data to filter out spams and recommend fruitful leads. Taking personalized care to another level, CompanyHub offers a separate repository for each customer on its Personal CRM.

Who Is It For?

Personal CRM is ideal for sole proprietors, small business owners, solopreneurs, contractors, and
everyone with humble beginning but gracious ambitions!

Abhishek A Agrawal
September 18, 2019


CompanyHub’s B2B CRM Is Designed To Help Businesses Stay
On Top Of Their Game In The Highly Competitive Market Of Today

Focused on eliminating the challenges of B2B sales our CRM solutions are ideal to qualify your leads.

We offer smart CRM solutions for faster lead generation.
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Enhance Your Business With Fully Customizable CRM

Our B2B CRM solutions will streamline your sales process

Connect With Your Business Partners Easily

Building and maintaining better business-to-business relationships is easy with advance CRM.

Centralized Communications

One of the most valued advantages of using B2B CRM is that the record of conversations between customers, sales reps and other staff can be accessed easily.

Agent Activity Reports

You can easily access the activity timeline in CompanyHub’s B2B CRM. This will give you better insights on a contact/lead.

Workflow Management

Streamline your business and drive higher B2B sales.

Increased Productivity Of Employees

Connect B2B CRM to your existing system to reap the countless benefits of the software. We offer fully-integrated, advanced CRM solutions that will not only drive your B2B sales but also increase business efficiency.

Integrated With Top Features

CompanyHub’s CRM solutions feature impeccable design.
You can easily maintain and strengthen business relationship with your B2B customers.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Reduced Manual Errors

Our B2B CRM software will reduce the possibilities of manual errors and enhance the productivity of your staff. The sales reps can execute automate the actions based on behavior and values of the customer.

CompanyHub aims at extensive growth of a business
by increasing productivity of the staff

Our B2B CRM solution is ideal for –

Agent Activity Reports

Maintaining Product Catalogue

Recording Quotes And Invoices

Internal Collaboration

Collaborate with us if you wish to get the best solutions for your B2B business.

Abhishek A Agrawal
April 9, 2019