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CRM for Clinics
Enhance and Increase the Overall Productivity
of Your Business Operations

Automate your clinical activities through CompanyHub CRM.


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Research by different organizations like TeleNet, Ovation Sales Group and InsideSales.com have repeatedly shown that
With CRM for clinics, the patients would be given constant reminders to help them reach the hospital on time.

On Average, a Doctor Needs To Wait 30 Minutes for a Patient.

Doctors can manage their schedule to map the urgency and manage time effectively.

Channel Between Patient & Doctor – Updates and Notifies
Both Parties on Recent Appointments and Meetings

CRM for clinics helps keep the calendar updated so that the patient, as well as the doctor, is aware of the upcoming appointments.


Whether it is about organizing details of the patient, scheduling doctors’ appointments, feeding patient details or monitoring their history, our CRM for Clinics is here to help you enhance the entire business functioning.


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Communicate Directly with Patients Through the CRM. This CRM for Clinics
Also Comes with An App That Helps Patients Connect with Doctors Directly.

Takes Just Few Minutes. But Has Great ROI As Relations Are Everything In Sales.

Enhance ROI with CompanyHub CRM for Clinics.

  1. 37% greater patient retention
  2. 60% rise in healthcare service as provided to patients

Reduce Patient & Doctor Wait Time with All-Time Active
CRM for Clinics

Get notified through the app

Create Contacts Instantly
Add Notes / Tasks / Conversations
Edit Fields of Different Records Like Excel


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Doctors Save Hours Using CRM Automates Software for
Managing and Generating Prescriptions

One-click patient data entry, database to retrieve regular patient information.

  • 1. Paste Email
  • 2. Personalize
  • 3. Send Mail
Keep repeating for an hour

  • 1. Select Contacts
  • 2. Select Template
  • 3. Send Mail
Done in 2 minutes
CompanyHub - Email Tracking

Track Email Opens & Link Clicks.
Even from Gmail.

CompanyHub shows you which emails were opened and when. You can experiment & find which subjects & mails get more opens & clicks.

Get Prescriptions of Patient Printed within Seconds Using CRM for clinics

Digital prescriptions are always better than traditional ones. This gives doctors the ease to send them as and when needed. Also, digital records are easy to be tracked and referred.


It also helps you track all Quotations in a centralised place.

Feed Medicines from Pre-Fed List of All

Doctors need not look for medicines and write to them. Instead, they can use the software,
type the kind of disease and simply embed the medicine.

This saves a lot of time and also prevents the occurrence of error from the doctor's end.

Automate the Entire Clinical Workforce

  • Auto-generated reports
  • Organize purchase orders
  • Keep track of the stock and raise orders when needed
  • Send alters to doctors about upcoming appointments
  • Send reminders to patients on visits and follow-ups

Keep Track of the Clinical Goods In Stock and Manage
Purchases In Accordance To Usage

Help management know about which product needs to be bought or replaced


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Allows Doctor's To Keep a Track of Everyday Schedule & Stay
Informed On Recent Appointments – Planned or Cancelled

See which patient has requested a visit

Align according to the doctors’ work schedule

Scan through the current tests and reports of the patient

A quick run-through to the old reports and prescription of the patient

Awesome Visualizations

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Pivot Table


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Fully Customizable

Add All The Details Related to The Patient Using Drag and Drop Tools

Retrieve all data from earlier records

One-click search to get all data, prescriptions, and reports of a patient

If You Just Got One New Client a Year, How Much Would This Be Worth To You?

14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Get Everything You Need To Grow Your Sales

In a very easy yet powerful CRM

One-Click Information

  • Centralize Patient Information
  • Patient appointments
  • Patient diagnosis
  • Store patient scanned reports & documents
  • Patient medical history, add details & attach documents
  • Patient medication
  • Doctor appointment schedule
  • Follow up patients for return visits or checkups

Enhanced Productivity

  • Generate Reports
  • One-click data access
  • Customized Details
  • Free consultation

Stay Updated

  • Make quick & insightful decisions
  • Know the workload of doctors
  • Dig deeper with detailed reports
  • Detailed reports on dashboards
14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Want to explore more? CRM for Clinics an ideal way to optimize the clinical workforce with
CompanyHub offers free consulting too.

14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Questions and Concerns

Why buy from you? What makes you so special?
We have been working in CRM space for 8+ years. This gave us the understanding of needs of different companies. We have also used (tried?) many CRMs for our own sales teams. This made us realize that most CRMs are either too basic or too complicated. Also, they lack essential sales tools like email tracking, reporting etc. Frustated, we decided to build it ourselves. As we are also a very design focussed company, we were able to build a really easy yet really powerful CRM that helps companies grow.
What results will I actually get from this?
CompanyHub will help you in 3 ways. 1. You will be able to easily nurture your leads and convert more leads. Thus growing your sales. 2. It will increase your team productivity. Your agents can save several hours and use that to focus on sales. 3. You will get complete visibility. You will be able to track all leads, their conversations, deals in a centralised place. Also you can analyze anything with powerful reporting. So you get everything to grow your business.
Are you guys going to steal my credit card and run away?
Of course not! In fact we recommend you start with our Free Trial first in which we don’t even ask for your credit details. In this Free Trial period you’ll see how awesome CompanyHub is. You can (And must!) invite your team during trial and have everyone use the app. Then you can take feedback from your team after the trial period. If you feel everything is genuine and you see the value, then you can go ahead with paid license.
Are there any long term contracts?
We are pretty confident that CompanyHub will justify it’s value within few days. That’s why we don’t keep any long term contracts and you can opt in for month-to-month plans. You can howerver, pay yearly to get additional discounts.
What’s included in the training call?
In the Training call, one of our CRM consultants will reach out to you and they’ll understand your requirements. After understanding the requirements they’ll guide you to get the best out of your CompanyHub CRM account. You will get a demo as per your requirement. You can also involve your team on the demo.
How do I present this to my team?
You can directly invite your team to your CompanyHub account so they can start using it. CompanyHub is pretty easy to use and we are pretty sure your team will start using from day 1. However in case of any queries, you / your team can get in touch with our support team and they can guide you further.
Are you GDPR compliant?
We know it’s a wild web out there and we value our Customer’s choice to rely on CompanyHub for all their customer information. To comply with this CompanyHub is fully GDPR compliant.
How secure is my data?
Data security is something that we take very seriously here at CompanyHub. In fact we provide you enterprise level 5 layer security : 1. Separate database for every client 2. Secure data transfer using SSL like banks 3. AWS servers, used by leading sites 4. Record level security 5. Field level security.
While sending bulk email whose email address will be used?
Unlike Marketing emails we use your own email address & server to send the bulk emails (one by one). So that chances of your email going into your prospect’s primary inbox is much more higher.
How many emails can I send using CompanyHub?
Most email providers have a daily limit, which is mostly in 100s. Please check your provider’s daily limit for sending mails. CompanyHub allows up to 1000 per day.
Where is my data hosted?
We use AWS servers, which is also used by most of the leading sites.
Will this integrate with other systems?
With different integrations options like Zapier, PieSync and API, CompanyHub can be integrated with all the popular application.
How hard is it to get started on CompanyHub?
Using CompanyHub is as easy as excel. All you need to do is create your account and get started. In case of any doubts or queries you can always reach out to your Customer support.
What is UTron and how does it work?
UTron is your personal sales bot which will help you automate all the boring tasks. With just point and click you can create your UTrons to automate almost all your business processes without a single line of code.
Will CompanyHub work on my mobile device?
We strongly believe it’s a mobile-first world and we don’t want to restrict our client’s sale to their desk. Thats why CompanyHub very easy to us mobile apps for Android and and iOS, which are designed for “always on the go” sales people. So everything you need is just a tap away.
I have my offices setup in different locations, will this work for me?
Yes, CompanyHub will be a perfect solution for you if you have your offices setup in different locations. With CompanyHub you can decide which user can see what information. Also all your teams can easily collaborate at one place while you get complete visibility. You can also create insightful reports within few minutes.
Will there be someone if we need help in setting up the account?
Yes, our support team will be just a message away whenever you need them. Whenever you or your team has any doubts or queries just message/email our team and they’ll be glad to help you. BTW CompanyHub support team was the only company who got 100% satisfaction rating in G2 Crowd’s High performing CRM Spring list.
14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Our Support Team Loves Helping Our Customers
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