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CompanyHub Integration

With CompanyHub you get seamless integration with all the popular applications
Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

Zapier gives you flexibility to integrate your CompanyHub account with thousands of apps to increase your productivity. You can integrate apps like MailChimp, Quick Book, Slack and lot more to automate all the boring manual tasks in your workflow.

PieSync Connector

With PieSync your can connect your cloud apps with intelligent 2-way sync. PieSync will help you share customer contacts between your Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Invoicing and E-Commerce apps.

PieSync Connector
App Integration


In order for every CRM system to provide a true 360-degree customer view and provider maxium ROI, it is essential to provide a seamless integration with all the relevant enterprise applications. CompanyHub REST API will help you do just that. With CompanyHub API integrate all your enterprise applications and get all the insights you need.

Web to Lead

CompanyHub provides you a small piece of code. Use this code to create form on your website, and just sit back and relax. As soon as your next visitor visits your website and submit the form, your visitor will automatically be created as a new lead in your CompanyHub account, CompanyHub Web to Lead forms creates the fastest and most efficient way to convert all your visitors to your potential customers.

Convert more Leads

CompanyHub Works With...

  • Gmail & Google calendar
  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • Piesync
  • Zapier

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