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Sales People Spend Lot of Time on Email.

Give them everything they need to be more productive.
Without any additional cost.
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  • Email Sync
  • Bulk Mail
  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Remind if no reply

Email Sync

Just create Contact with email address. Its past & future conversations will be automatically synced, if sync is enabled.

Send Followups from CompanyHub

They can add activity also from same page.

Personalized Bulk Mails

Don’t use marketing tools to mass mail your leads

Gmail hides them under promotions. So you get less opens and poor results.CompanyHub sends them from your email account so they are as good as personally sent mail.

Email Tracking

Track email opens and link clicks to find interested leads and which mails & subjects are more effective (even from gmail)

CRM Gmail integration

Gmail Plugin

They can add activity also from same page.

email Automation Software -  Automatic mail reminders

Remind if No Reply

Sending an important mail?
CompanyHub can remind you in case you don’t get a reply.

Email Tracking CRM - Email Scheduling CRM Feature

Email Scheduling

Once you know what is the best time to send mail,
you can schedule it.

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