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CRM For Real Estate Agents
Engage Clients and Keep Them Satisfied With CompanyHub

CRM Solution For Real Estate Simplify All Your Real Estate Business Operations Through CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM Software. Stunning Portal To Align Business With Technology.


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Using CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM software, connect your business, teams, clients, and technology. Automate end to end tasks, manage leads and track sales on the go.

Streamlined Activities And Tasks To Increase Sales. CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM Software Features Unlimited Records, Tools For Management, Email Marketing, Mobile CRM, And Integrated Telephony To Facilitate Business Operations With Much Ease.

Real Estate Agents should always remain at the forefront. With CompanyHub CRM Software, understand your client requirements, track events, follow-up leads, and acquire customers with greater ease and flexibility.

Real Estate Agents CRM Software Is Your One Stop Solution To Personalize Conversations, Gain Loyalty, Build Brand Trust, Follow Referrals And Optimize The Sales Funnel.

CRM for Real Estate Agents gives Real Estate professionals access to a range of tools and technologies, in a way promoting automation of tasks and sale activities.


With CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM Software, Real Estate Agents can improve and enhance the productivity of teams, craft efficient relationships and manage all in a single click.


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

With the best in industry CRM Solution for real estate agents and property realtors, prioritize
your business operations while CompanyHub takes care of all. As an end to end CRM partner
for residential and commercial agents, brokerage firms and property developers, you can offer
seamless customers experience throughout the sales funnel.

Takes Just Few Minutes. But Has Great ROI As Relations Are Everything In Sales.

Gather All Of The Customer Information Automatically With CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM Software

  1. Browse client activities and chat with agents to capture client information
  2. A holistic view of the client’s information on a single panel.

A Client-friendly Environment That Allows Real Estate Agents To Make Meaningful Interactions And Ensure Total Satisfaction.

Ideal solutions to track multiple leads

Create Contacts Instantly
Add Notes / Tasks / Conversations
Edit Fields of Different Records Like Excel


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Create Visual Pipeline Of Sales Through CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM Software Automation

Dealing with a range of clients, keeping track of each is difficult and you might happen to miss
one of the potential leads. Eliminate the possibility of losing clients and transactions by painting
a visual pipeline of the total sales, depicted in a stage-centric manner. Walkthrough the
progress, process, and status. Through CompanyHub CRM Real Estate Agents Software, real
estate developers can forecast sales and close deals, better.

  • 1. Paste Email
  • 2. Personalize
  • 3. Send Mail
Keep repeating for an hour

  • 1. Select Contacts
  • 2. Select Template
  • 3. Send Mail
Done in 2 minutes
CompanyHub - Email Tracking

Track Email Opens & Link Clicks.
Even from Gmail.

CompanyHub shows you which emails were opened and when. You can experiment & find which subjects & mails get more opens & clicks.

Automate Processes, Eliminate Manual Working Of Mundane Tasks And Optimize All Of The
Team-specific Jobs, Enhancing Productivity. The CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM
Software Helps Scale Operations

Right from mailing the buyer contracts, making follow-up calls or sending property flyers, tracking timelines and embedding consistency, the CompanyHub CRM software helps you automate all.

One-Click Campaigns CompanyHub Real Estate Agents CRM

Attract new and retain your existing clients with CompanyHub CRM for Real Estate Agents
software. Send custom-designed emails and newsletters to your customers, send referral links
and nurture your relationship with your clients. Add loyalty with trust to remain the first choice
of your potential users.


Personalized Campaigns and user-specific emails, using our range of CRM solutions, you can
deliver exactly what your clients expect from you in the most optimal way.

One-Click Data Access

  • Generate records
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Make calls / send emails
  • Synchronize with web applications
  • Schedule appointment / meetings

Enter Into Smart And Intelligent Decisions Using Automated Tools And Analytics

Track performance, identify bottlenecks, detect loopholes and build campaigns with CRM software.


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Insightful Analytics On Business Critical Metrics To Close Deals Better And Attain A Better View Of Your Clients

See sales activities

How many emails they sent, calls they made, new leads etc

Compare Performance of Sales People

Analyze Anything in Realtime

Simplified email marketing methods, grab prospects and drive business.

For Any Time Frame

Track, Organize and sell projects with greater ease. Designed to automate everyday processes, to focus on potential leads.

Awesome Visualizations

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Pivot Table


14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Mobile Access For Better View

Collaborate With Contractors And Co-workers

One-view Documents

Track all the information you need with custom fields & tables

Synchronize With Calendar

See all the important information instantly by customizing columns.

Filter data in a click with saved filters.

If you just got one new client a year, how much would this be worth to you?

14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Get Everything You Need To Grow Your Sales

In a very easy yet powerful CRM

$49/user per month + $1000 Setup

$24/user per month

Lead Management

  • Capture Leads
  • Automated Lead Scoring
  • Measure ROI
  • One-click Invoice And Billing
  • Convert Leads
  • Discover New Leads Through Social Media Analytics
  • Predefined Workflow To Distribute Leads
  • Time Tracking

Transaction Management

  • Track Follow-up
  • Monitor Sales Pipeline
  • Follow Progress
  • Forecast Sale
  • Seek Bottlenecksy

Streamline Report Generation

  • Real-time Data Insights
  • Configurable Reports
  • Intuitive Dashboard
14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Want to explore more? Real Estate Agents CRM Software is an optimal solution for all your Real
Estate Agents management problems and gets your team on board. To know more connect
with CompanyHub and avail free consulting.

14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Questions and Concerns

Why buy from you? What makes you so special?
We have been working in CRM space for 8+ years. This gave us the understanding of needs of different companies. We have also used (tried?) many CRMs for our own sales teams. This made us realize that most CRMs are either too basic or too complicated. Also, they lack essential sales tools like email tracking, reporting etc. Frustated, we decided to build it ourselves. As we are also a very design focussed company, we were able to build a really easy yet really powerful CRM that helps companies grow.
What results will I actually get from this?
CompanyHub will help you in 3 ways. 1. You will be able to easily nurture your leads and convert more leads. Thus growing your sales. 2. It will increase your team productivity. Your agents can save several hours and use that to focus on sales. 3. You will get complete visibility. You will be able to track all leads, their conversations, deals in a centralised place. Also you can analyze anything with powerful reporting. So you get everything to grow your business.
Are you guys going to steal my credit card and run away?
Of course not! In fact we recommend you start with our Free Trial first in which we don’t even ask for your credit details. In this Free Trial period you’ll see how awesome CompanyHub is. You can (And must!) invite your team during trial and have everyone use the app. Then you can take feedback from your team after the trial period. If you feel everything is genuine and you see the value, then you can go ahead with paid license.
Are there any long term contracts?
We are pretty confident that CompanyHub will justify it’s value within few days. That’s why we don’t keep any long term contracts and you can opt in for month-to-month plans. You can howerver, pay yearly to get additional discounts.
What’s included in the training call?
In the Training call, one of our CRM consultants will reach out to you and they’ll understand your requirements. After understanding the requirements they’ll guide you to get the best out of your CompanyHub CRM account. You will get a demo as per your requirement. You can also involve your team on the demo.
How do I present this to my team?
You can directly invite your team to your CompanyHub account so they can start using it. CompanyHub is pretty easy to use and we are pretty sure your team will start using from day 1. However in case of any queries, you / your team can get in touch with our support team and they can guide you further.
Are you GDPR compliant?
We know it’s a wild web out there and we value our Customer’s choice to rely on CompanyHub for all their customer information. To comply with this CompanyHub is fully GDPR compliant.
How secure is my data?
Data security is something that we take very seriously here at CompanyHub. In fact we provide you enterprise level 5 layer security : 1. Separate database for every client 2. Secure data transfer using SSL like banks 3. AWS servers, used by leading sites 4. Record level security 5. Field level security.
While sending bulk email whose email address will be used?
Unlike Marketing emails we use your own email address & server to send the bulk emails (one by one). So that chances of your email going into your prospect’s primary inbox is much more higher.
How many emails can I send using CompanyHub?
Most email providers have a daily limit, which is mostly in 100s. Please check your provider’s daily limit for sending mails. CompanyHub allows up to 1000 per day.
Where is my data hosted?
We use AWS servers, which is also used by most of the leading sites.
Will this integrate with other systems?
With different integrations options like Zapier, PieSync and API, CompanyHub can be integrated with all the popular application.
How hard is it to get started on CompanyHub?
Using CompanyHub is as easy as excel. All you need to do is create your account and get started. In case of any doubts or queries you can always reach out to your Customer support.
What is UTron and how does it work?
UTron is your personal sales bot which will help you automate all the boring tasks. With just point and click you can create your UTrons to automate almost all your business processes without a single line of code.
Will CompanyHub work on my mobile device?
We strongly believe it’s a mobile-first world and we don’t want to restrict our client’s sale to their desk. Thats why CompanyHub very easy to us mobile apps for Android and and iOS, which are designed for “always on the go” sales people. So everything you need is just a tap away.
I have my offices setup in different locations, will this work for me?
Yes, CompanyHub will be a perfect solution for you if you have your offices setup in different locations. With CompanyHub you can decide which user can see what information. Also all your teams can easily collaborate at one place while you get complete visibility. You can also create insightful reports within few minutes.
Will there be someone if we need help in setting up the account?
Yes, our support team will be just a message away whenever you need them. Whenever you or your team has any doubts or queries just message/email our team and they’ll be glad to help you. BTW CompanyHub support team was the only company who got 100% satisfaction rating in G2 Crowd’s High performing CRM Spring list.
14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Our Support Team Loves Helping Our Customers
Our Customers Have Shown The Love Too By Rating Them 100% On G2Crowd!

  • Danish Deshmukh
  • Siddhata Khatri
  • Ajay Palkhede
  • Rakesh Chaure
  • Neha Mehta
  • Live Chat
  • Help in Account Setup
  • Personalized Demo

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