2018 Beginners Guide to Sales Automation Tool

Abhishek A Agrawal
November 19, 2018

Selling products and services was never easy. Everyday selling challenges can be a headache for
your team and may mar the team’s performance. Sales automation is the solution to all kinds of
routine sales issues. Before we splurge into how sales automation tool solves these issues let us first identify them:


  • Losing a deal because the potential client was not followed up timely.
  • Not knowing from where the customers are coming
  • Spending hours to find out the customer information like phone number and email id.
  • Not able to nurture the lead


None of the business owner or sales representatives is stranger to these issues that make
companies lose leads that cost around $1 trillion every year.


What is sales automation?

Sales operations are generally repetitive tasks that when handled manually consume a lot of
productive hours. Sales automation tool mirrors all the operations that include prospecting
information, follow-ups scheduling and tracking of the leads activities. As it frees the sales
representative of the mundane no-brainer tasks, they can work in a smarter manner to convert
more leads.


Why use sales automation and benefits of using it?

Nurturing a lead encourages sales by around 47%, but the manual process of nurturing a lead is
lethal enough. In the highly competitive landscape, non-nurtured leads cannot help the
business cut through the clutter and reach the desired sales figure. Let us evaluate the benefits
of moving to sales automation:


Helps to prospect

Prospecting is the process where the sales representative engages with the lead to reach the
stage of conversion. When you switch to a sales automation tool, the aspects like email
automation, sending customized promo codes and a lot more.

The level of customization a sales automation brings in to the prospecting without having much
to do. The representatives can easily pick up the list of lead they wish to prospect. All the
prospecting details are kept at a single data point where the entire team can transparently
access same data for informed interactions in future.


Enriches team on lead information

It is the age of personalization!

Cold calls are not a delight for any sales representatives as per stats 44% of the sales
representative give up after the first call. With sales automation software the representative
has access to a lot of lead data. This renders confidence in the representatives and offers lead
enrichment to the team to drive higher conversions.


Email Automation

Emails are an age-old way to prospecting the clients. Today also a lot of businesses indulge in
sending promotional and informational emails. With sales automation tool, sales
representatives have access to email automation where ready to send templates can be
personalized and sent across in bulk reducing around 30% effort that goes into it. Multiple
emails, bulk emails, running email campaigns become a task of a single click.

It is a smart way of working as no copy and paste of messages is required.  Email templates save
a lot of time and effort, bringing in more efficiency to the entire operations.

Yet, it leaves a door for open for customization of title, promo codes and greetings.


Follow up scheduling

The digital revolution has opened lots of sources of lead generation. As the count of leads to
every business is increasing, maintaining all the lead data is itself a big task. Generally speaking,
it takes around 4-8 calls to a prospect before the actual details of products or services are
discussed. Sale Automation brings sense to this going back and forth with setting up of follow
up reminders.

Say goodbye to the sticky notes to follow reminders. With sales automation tools, the sales
representatives can stay carefree as each lead follow-ups can be set up.


Deal management

Nurturing a lead generates a lot of data at multiple stages of the lifecycle. Starting from
prospecting, qualification, discussion, and proposal, the sales automation tool provides the
sales team a single data repository which they can access any time. It records all the data and
makes it available across the entire team so that each sales representative can access the same
information about each lead. Accessing all this data over a single dashboard shortens the
conversion window.


How does it work?

Sales automation software backs the daily job of sales and marketing team with cutting edge
technology. It works in the below workflow to cover all the activities of a sales task:


Lead Management

It starts with a lead management dashboard where the sales reps can create entries for each
lead. The parameters that are noted are primarily contact number, email id, and the name of
the lead. All the further interactions with the lead are noted here and the follow-ups are set.


Lead assignment

With increasing count of leads, it becomes a headache for the team lead to assigning the leads
to a sales representative. The automation tool plays an important role in offering leads a clear
picture of the bandwidth each sales team member has.


Lead scoring

A lot of lead data is being received by enterprises. To create value out of this tremendous
amount of data, a sales automation tool helps in scoring the lead that gives the qualification
details to the sales representative so that he can take the prospecting ahead likewise.


Sales Pipeline

It allows the creation of the sales pipeline where each sales representative can maintain the
lead data as per the stage of the sales journey. The filters in the sales automation platform
allow quick and easy selection of the lead data at different stages.



A sales team spends a lot of time and effort to create reports that represent the output of their
efforts. For the managers having access to all the sales reporting data is very crucial. With the

tool, the managers can have access to the real-time data and the progress of sales can be
monitored even better.


How CompanyHub provides the sales automation feature?

As a high tech prospecting tool, CompanyHub fuels the growth of an organization by bringing in
automation of sales data and workflow.
CompanyHub automates the conversion journey of each lead making the sales representative
job easy and offers liberty to focus on more productive work. As the tool mirrors the perfect
workflow of a sales and marketing team, its features include:


  •  Lead management
    As simple as an excel sheet, CompanyHub CRM allows users an efficient lead management tool.
  • Email Automation
    Allows automation of bulk emails along with personalization. It also offers email tracking and
    deep insights into the response of a campaign.
  • Sales Pipeline management
    A single dashboard management of sales pipeline with customizable filters and drag and drop
    of lead entry from stage to stage.
  • Sales Reporting
    Reporting is the biggest advantage of CompanyHub CRM as it allows working on real-time data
    and 7 different types of reports.
  • Customization
    Every organization's requirement is unique. So, CompanyHub CRM can be customized with
    features and filters to make the workflow efficient.
  • Sales Bots
    Taking over the mundane tasks to send messages of promo codes and offers to the leads, Utron sales bots bring in more optimization of the workflow.
  • To Wrap
    Increasing the growth of an organization is directly dependent on the sales. As the
    CompanyHub CRM tool offers sales team a competitive edge over the competitors, it is an ideal
    augmentation tool for productivity enhancement.


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