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Analyze Sales Activities & Clients

Get really powerful, yet really simple reporting.
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See What Your Sales People Are Doing

How many emails they sent, calls they made, leads they found etc.

Sales Pipeline Reports - Quick sales crm reports

Get Real Time Visibility in Sales

Saves several hours wasted in creating reports & waiting for reports.
Any report you need will be just a click away.

Sales Pipeline Reports - Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

Track overall sales performance and meet your targets

Team Dashboard

Rank the performance of individuals against each other

Create Reports While in Meeting

And take decisions based on facts, not guesses

Sales Pipeline Reports - Pipeline Report

Get the Metrics You Need

Sales, deal sizes, close rate, activities, comparative
performance, etc.

For Any Time Frame

Last 6 months, Last 30 days, Last Month,
Last 2 quarters etc

Awesome Visualizations

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Pivot Table

See How Easy

Visualise the Way You Want

You can choose from various types of charts / tables. You can also change the chart in 1 click.

Use Custom Fields / Tables

You can do reporting on custom fields / tables, just like standard fields / tables.

Analyse Anything

You can analyze almost anything like

  • Last 3 Quarters Sales
  • Deals lost in last 12 mothns by sales person
  • Average number of emails sent

See Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Reports

You can easily add filters like last 3 months, last 7 days etc. Whenever you will see report, system will automatically calculate period and show the report you need.

See Reports By Sales Person

You can also see reports by sales person

Filter By Any Criteria

You can easily restrict your report to specific records, period or users by adding filters. Just select field and it’s condition. You can also add multiple filters.

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