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It can be customized for any industry without any code

It adapts to your business needs.

You can create custom:

  • Fields
  • Tables / Forms (like Projects, Campaigns etc.)
  • Reports
  • Business logic

Every industry is different!

So we made CompanyHub lot more customizable than other CRMs.
Can be easily adapted to your needs with simple drag and drop.

Examples of what companies manage on CompanyHub (other than leads & followups):

  • Automotive
    • Quotes
    • Commissions & Incentives
    • Scheduled Payments
    • Loan Disbursements
    • Vendors & Showrooms
  • Manufacturing
    • Products
    • Pricelists
    • Quotations & Orders
  • Real Estate
    • Properties / Projects
    • Bookings
    • Site visits
    • Payments
    • Agreements
  • Travel
    • Itinerary
    • Packages
    • Locations
    • Suppliers
    • Bookings
  • Education
    • Students
    • Institutes
    • Courses
    • Enrollments

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