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Put Your Sales on Autopilot with UTrons – Sales Bots.

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Possibilities with UTrons are unlimited

Nurturing Leads

  • Send birthday emails
  • Send sequence of emails
  • Send mails to clients that stopped giving work

Reminders to Clients

  • Followup before Quote expires
  • Send periodic reminders till invoice is not paid
  • Send automatic mail if verification process not complete
Sales process automation
Sales Tracking Software

Automate Alerts to Sales People

  • Alert sales person if a deal is not progressing
  • Remind sales person if no conversation with a hot lead for many days
  • Congratulate sales person on winning a big deal

Automatically Create Tasks for Sales People

  • Create followup tasks for contacts that have lost touch
  • Create a sequence of tasks for sales person when a deal is won
  • Create followup task for sales person if Quote about to expire
Sales Automation Tools
Your team has built such a thoughtful, powerful product – it’s clear how much time and attention has gone into this behind the scenes. I’ve tried out a lot of CRM’s, and nothing else matches up to functionality, usability and flexibility you’ve built in here… Very excited to be using it, i know it will make my business more successful

Jordan Goldman

Founder & CEO of Unigo (acquired) and Switchboard (acquired)
Sales Management Software

Notifications & Alerts to Managers

  • Send alert if Quote Product discount exceeds 40%
  • Alert manager if a sales person doesn’t win enough deals in a month
  • Inform manager if a big deal if closed

Minimize Data Entry

  • Transfer records from one sales person to another
  • Update customer status when Deal is won
  • Automatically create Deal when Company is created
Minimum Data Entry
Custom CRM Solution

Create Your Own Business Rules

  • Notify if discount more than X% & Don’t allow if more than Y%
  • Check & disallow duplicates
  • Assign sales person based on location / industry

Get a CRM Customizable for Your Industry

Track anything. Not just leads.

  • Quotes
  • Commissions & Incentives
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Loan Disbursements
  • Vendors & Showrooms

  • Products
  • Pricelists
  • Quotations & Orders

Real Estate
  • Properties / Projects
  • Bookings
  • Site visits
  • Payments
  • Agreements

  • Itinerary
  • Packages
  • Locations
  • Suppliers
  • Bookings

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