CRM For Insurance Agents

Abhishek A Agrawal
December 28, 2020

“Life is unpredictable. A lot could go wrong, sir, and that’s why, you need a good insurance scheme.” Now, that is a line you find yourself repeating often. However, this volatility of life can hold true for your professional outreach, growth, and future too!
Let’s say you open your computer tomorrow and find out your system has failed, thereby making all your MS word and XL sheets bite dust and the product is you lose contact with all your prospects.
Worst-case scenario: You are never able to retrieve it! Right?
You’re probably contemplating what could be worse! Imagine this: Your data wasn’t just lost but stolen and now it lies in the hands of hackers.
Now, that would be one move to checkmate your career. You might land up in legal conflicts over this breach of privacy that your business has caused them.
Although, this happens way too frequently, an unsuspecting person would never accept the possibility that it might happen to him someday.
We really hope this never becomes a reality for you. But, if it does, do you have a backup?
You need to get one ASAP.
Not just that, you need to gauge the harm a lack of CRM may have already done to your business –

  • You are probably sitting daily over entering contact details into a boring looking XL sheet.
  • Your team probably spends half their days calling leads, which bought elsewhere 2 weeks ago, because they simply don’t know which are the “hot” leads and which are the “NOT LEADS”.
  • You probably have one guy from your marketing team just busy writing mails.
  • Your workflow probably gets super delayed and your clients didn’t get the mail for 2 long weeks, just because you don’t have something that can enable you to actually track your business.
  • Your strategies to up your profits seem to be failing, but you don’t know what to do about it.
  • Your business has a lot of clients too, but not a lot of profits, and you know this is because your business hasn’t yet become organized.

These harmless little details actually haunt your business till much later and stop you from growing.
While you are busy assuring about safety and hope to your clients, you need some assurance for your own insurance agency.
The business you run deserves financial protection as well as exponential growth! Get your business a CRM for insurance agents.
A CRM software will not just let you store all your data in a safe and secure automated platform, but it would also make your work far more productive. It stands for Customer Relationship Management, but we swear, it can do so much for your business that’s beyond managing relationships with your customers strictly.
Let us see what CRM actually does for your business!


Put Together All The Information About Your Existing And Potential Customers At One Place


  • Organizing Your Leads And Customers Based On Their Common Characteristics
    As insurance agents do not often deal with just one insurance provider, they have a lot to cater to like –

    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Travel Insurance, And So On!

    Each one of these products implies your leads too will be diversified. You may have a 28-year-old man enquiring about travel insurance one day, and a retired 60 year old woman enquiring about senior citizens insurance.

    Moreover, someone with a spending capacity of $100 for insurance should not be pitched a policy of $1000 because you don’t want to repel your customer.

    So, naturally this diversity needs to reflect in the way you run your business. You know all these leads are so different from one another that if you were to send them all the same content via your newsletters, they would unsubscribe within a second.

    Furthermore, there are different schemes you pitch to different leads.

    So, how do you make sure this difference comes through? Filters & Custom fields! Do not put all your leads in just one group. Diversify them based on as many criteria as you deem right!

  • Capture Leads Directly From Various Sources
    There is already tons of paperwork and data entry that goes into the insurance finalization bit. However, even before a lead chooses to become a buyer, you may have to feed their data to your platform. Most insurance agencies often have to dedicate one marketing resource for this job, and when you work alone, this gets all the more depressing!You will be relieved to know a good CRM would help you do that without much physical intervention.
    CompanyHub’s CRM for insurance agents lets you capture leads directly from your website and marketing campaigns and puts them all into this centralized system for you. Moreover, if you have used a CRM or similar tool, you would already have plentiful data stored there, but worry not, our import wizard lets you move data to your new CRM for insurance agents.
  • Dashboard – A Complete 360 Degrees View Of Your Business
    Perhaps, what an insurance agent is going to need the most is simplicity but visual appeal. Reading through your microscopic terms and conditions papers, which are detailing most insurance schemes, can be boring, and you need a break!How about a visually exciting CRM?
    Everything you need is out there in this dashboard and you don’t have to shuffle between numerous tabs for getting the work done! Just hover your cursor, all your deals, leads, clients, quotes – everything is on your dashboard!Perhaps, the best feature is how easy CompanyHub makes it for you or your team members to update the business. Let’s say you speak to a lead and find new information.

    • You can add notes and details right next to a lead’s name while you are still on the dashboard.
    • Just a click and you can check everything-from the mails to the calls to pending deals, everything there is to know about your leads, right there!

    Half the time, phone calls can be really annoying for the lead, since most sales men just ask them to repeat everything all over again. However, imagine calling someone to ask for help and they already knew what’s up. Now that’s something everyone would appreciate!

    Now, isn’t that a CRM you need!


Convenience At Its Best!

  • Easy To Learn And Use
    What happens is that when a CRM offers too much, it frequently sabotages the need for ease.
    However, the CRM is no good if your team doesn’t find it comprehensible.
    They would eventually stop using it, making the hard bucks you spend buying the CRM software a wasted investment.
    So, you need something that comes with ease of use.CompanyHub’s CRM for insurance agents has been developed such that anyone who can understand basic English, can actually learn how to use the space within days.Try now!
  • On The Go
    Let’s say you got a meeting with a huge corporate, looking to get a group insurance policy for their whole brand. Now, you are in the meeting giving them facts but they need to know figures and more details.Now, there are two ways this could play “Sir, I will get back to you later, I don’t have the papers with me at the moment, and they will be mailed to you soon”. This is where you may actually risk the deal because nobody has got waiting time in their hands!However, we offer you a smarter way. A mobile CRM where you keep all your documents and revise quotes fast! That’s a better way to run business. Don’t you agree?Smart CRMs like CompanyHub give you a mobile CRM app too.

    Try Now!

  • Helps Manage Your Documents As Well
    Goes without saying, there is no insurance policy without documentation work! You don’t just need to get the papers, you need to get them on time and you need to keep them in a safe place.This is why a dynamic CRM for insurance agents would inherently be a place where you can store and track all the documents you need.Send people reminders and notifications when a document is pending at your collection points listed. Track every document’s status using our custom tables and why not dedicate separate deal pipelines for this very purpose?! This reminds me of…
  • Managing Various Products Using Customised Deal Pipeline(s)
    There are way too many insurance products, providers, seekers, under-writers, and of course, there are way too many insurance agents too, so you need to be on your best game!Give every product a unique deal pipeline because clearly the person seeking a life-long medical plan will be more skeptical than someone who is just looking for a two month Europe travel insurance; and so, their buying cycle will be longer than a regular buyer.With CompanyHub’s CRM for insurance agents, you get to make an infinite number of deal pipelines. Making them is super easy! You can add however many stages you would like, and updating them is super easy too, just drag and drop your deal from one stage to another.
  • Customize It To Suit Your Business Needs
    Since this is a huge investment for you, reasonably so, you would like your CRM to be tailor-made for you!
    However, not many CRM vendors will be happy to do so.
    With stringent packages and strict pricing, you may not get a product you really cared for!But with CompanyHub, we truly provide you with a CRM that fits you right, irrespective of the size of your team.With the help of our highly customizable features, you too can make your own CRM.Start now!
  • Reporting
    Naturally, since you run a business, you have questions! And when you deal with something like insurance, there are too many! You naturally want to pick the insurance schemes that give your clients the most output.So, you need reports on:

    • Premium size
    • Claim size
    • Claim settlements
    • Number of inclusions & exclusions
    • Porting
    • Renewals

    These are just a few reports you need to pick the best insurance schemes to advocate.

    However, more than insurance schemes, you need to see

    • Who in your team does what best?
    • How much time does a typical deal need?
    • Who are your demographics, as per the respective insurance schemes?
    • What is your insurance provider’s turnaround time?

    There are so many more questions that can create a better workflow. Don’t you wanna know the answer to these?

    Find all these answers with CompanyHub’s dynamic reporting.


Helps To Reduce Your Burden That Involves Inevitable Long Hours Of Manual Work

  • Send Emails From Your CRM Itself
    This is where you work the magic!Do you have exciting discounts, or perhaps, just the same old boring paperwork to send, or maybe you want to inform the insurance providers about some recent changes in the law regarding your commission? So many things you might want to make a point of!However, nobody has enough time for actually writing a different mail to everybody, but at the same time, you don’t want to use bulk mail options that don’t have a special human touch.CompanyHub’s CRM for insurance agents gives you the features needed to personalize your bulk mails. So reach out to a 1000 people in just a minute, while also sounding very much focused and personalized.

    Not just that, you should also be able to keep an eye over

    • Who has opened your mails and who has not
    • Whether people are clicking on embedded CTAs or just choosing to skip it!

    You get all these insights too when you choose the powerful CRM that is CompanyHub.

  • Manage Your Daily Tasks With Much More Ease And Accuracy
    As someone who is responsible to carry out proper documentation on behalf of an insurance company, you sure have a lot on your plate. So, perhaps, you have recruited a few insurance agents to help you with it and better your prospects.However, too many people need too much supervision! You need a system that helps you delegate tasks and track anything you need.Check where a deal is stuck and who has been causing the delay! Send reminders. Define the workflow. Moreover, shake things up as and when you deem fit in a second!This is how you can do so!
  • Auto-Responders To Reduce The Clerical Burden
    Remember the first time a lead became a customer, they made the decision to buy insurance from you, how special it must have been to send the welcome kit and on-boarding email!
    However, with time, you sure got busier!Now, even your clients do not expect a personally hand-written mail. The world has gotten used to auto-responders.These are some places you could put your responders to work –

    • Payment Receipts
    • Impending Deadlines
    • Mail Acknowledgment
    • Sign-up Newsletters

    However, do not settle for a spam-looking machine-sounding body. CompanyHub’s CRM for insurance agents gives you tons of personalized templates to pick from.

    Here, try!

  • Automatically Send Reminders And Get Notified Yourself
    Insurance schemes are never timed loosely. Be it renewing your annual subscription or reminding the insurance provider to settle a claim or issue a plan – Things need to be on time!If you work alone, that is a lot of deadlines for you to keep up with. Even with a team, you do not want to make delays.So, keep reminders and notifications for your business.
    Automate things!Plus, why just use it to regulate payments; your customers would love a personal treatment!

    Send birthday cards and festival gifts right on time with our helpful automated reminders and notifications; which not only tell you when something gets done but also keep bugging you till it gets done.

  • Organize Your Meetings With The In-built Calendar
    You need this, you know it!
    There are so many leads who need to get on a call with you and see if they really need an insurance plan to begin with??Post that, you need to get on multiple calls to explain different policies, then further explain (because you, of all people, understand that insurance gets tricky and people don’t understand the sophisticated jargon), and that is a lot of calls!So, you are probably going to find your phone ringing 24*7, let’s add some order to it!You can mail your leads and prospects and clients your retail brochures and pamphlets, however, the magic part comes now in the form of CompanyHub’s inbuilt appointment and schedule planner.

    When the recipient opens the mail, they also get the option to choose whichever time slot works for them, and they pick from your free slots.

    This calendar will not only help you get your work done on time but will keep your team structured for the next job too.

    Give it to your people with immaculate planning! Try our mail calendar.

  • Quotes and Invoices
    There shall be plenty of questions regarding the insurance, the inclusions, the coverage, the catch, however, the one question they save for the finale would be the premium. Now, with insurance, the quotation changes with demographics, so worry not! Use CompanyHub.We give you custom fields to highly personalize your quotes and invoices. Moreover, using our custom tables, you can also keep an eye on pending invoices real-time.Just a few clicks and you can make beautiful powerful invoices and quotes; here’s all you need to do.Now, that’s a powerful CRM for insurance agents!


Need Of The Hour – Integration With Third-Party Apps

Naturally, you would hesitate moving to a new software because “God, does that mean I have to spend another 2-3 week’s time getting used to it, plus what about my data? How long would that take? And do you even allow my old apps?”
Data import and export, as we discussed, happens before you know it, plus, there is no learning curve so you will be using CompanyHub in days like you have used it for years before. However, if you would still like to use your old tools as well, we, as your new friends, would be totally up for it!
Well, the answer is we love everything you love! So, come with all your old friends because CompanyHub allows smooth integrations via our newly launched app Integrately. Now, you don’t have to choose one.

  • Video Conferencing
    If Corona has taught us something, it is that the world can soon expect more future-ready virtual workplaces. With more and more remote work happening, you need to prepare for tomorrow while today stays.As all this happens, the harmony at the workplace may go down the drain. With everybody working on their goals and phone calls from their homes, does it sound difficult getting the whole team together?Not anymore!
  • Calling & SMS
    But, of course, you won’t just be video calling your leads, that’s slightly inappropriate despite the pandemic!Plus, you can’t rely on mails solely! We all know that a buyer would most likely be considering various different insurance companies, thus, you can not really leave your lead or else they will drop in some other firm’s customers list.You need to maintain touch via calls and perhaps, even SMS.This is why you need a CRM that lets you integrate with various such tools!


Very Important – It Should Be Pocket-Friendly

Now, the insurance sector may seem fairly easy, hefty, or lucrative to an outsider, but you know the reality. The effort that goes into making a lead your customer has its bills! So, you do not require another big expense to lower your kitty. So, you need a CRM that comes in your budget.
CompanyHub makes sure you get the most from our CRM.
We have three plans for you:

  • Productivity plan at $15 per user per month
  • Automation plan at $24 per user per month
  • Accelerate plan at $42 per user per month

However, you can absolutely make your own plan too, kinda like making your own meal, all you gotta do is tell us what you need!
Naturally, the price increases as per the number of features and users you need, however, be rest assured, this is the most affordable quality CRM for insurance agents to pick!


And Lastly, Easily Accessible Customer Support

Despite all that has been said and done about how great a CRM is, you may face some obstacles. There is no rocket science with CompanyHub, but even when you feel the slightest problem, you know we are just a ping away.
Just live chat, call, or mail us! 24*7, feel free to ask your questions, and perhaps, the best way to overcome problems is by trying it out yourself. Go ahead.
Try for free now!

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