Commercial Real Estate CRM: Why Your Business Needs One!

Abhishek A Agrawal
December 25, 2020

As a real estate broker, what is your first priority? Let us guess!

  • You want to close as many deals as you can.But wait!
  • You also want to make sure each of your clients is satisfied!And, of course,
  • You need someone to handle your unproductive tasks because you and your team have client calls, visits, and paperwork lined up.

That’s three wishes! You’re gonna need a genie…and we have one for you, a commercial real estate CRM tool!

Before we take you to the genie, let’s tell you a little more about him first.


What Is A CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management Tool or a CRM tool does exactly what it says. It helps you manage your relationships with not just your customers but your leads as well.
You can think of it as your PA, Manager, and spy. Yes, spy! Because it will tell you exactly what your customer needs.
Don’t worry, it respects their privacy too, but as a business, if you would like to grow, you need to know your client’s shopping patterns. When you have this information, you have the key to a customer’s locked heart.
A license could get your agents in a meeting with the client, but it takes a lot more to get the client!
In the realms of property trading, it all comes down to how much can a client trust you.
If they trust you, the deal is yours.
Buying or renting a property isn’t cheap for sure, and when a prospect comes to you with a requirement for an office or a studio, they are hoping you would add value in their life with your services.
Depending on how well you treat their queries, they are either a sealed deal or a no-show!
Moreover, in your business, word-of-mouth has such a huge role to play.

  • You want to make sure your client brings in ten more clients for you.
  • You want to make sure the next time they choose to shift places, they choose you all over again

Even if a lead does not choose you, you know not all hope is lost because they would be in the market again someday looking for another property.
So, as a real estate agent, your first priority is making sure no one gets away. You want to keep your clients pretty close, but your leads…even closer!
To help you maintain your customer relationships and nurture your leads, you need a CRM tool specially designed for your business.
Because when you don’t use a CRM system, you run into these huge risks.

The Risks Of Not Using A CRM

  • Loss Of Database
    If you have no central place to keep all your data together, you are gonna lose it. Papers fly and ink gets washed. You need to put it on your computer, but then, if you just save it on a regular Word doc, it’s no good there as well. Why?
  • Lack Of Insights
    Word docs will give you a soft copy of your data but not meaning. Your closed deals, your client’s details, their preferences, budgets – they all need to be put in a place where you can make bigger interpretations and use it for your growth. A CRM system gives you all that!
  • Lack Of Control
    Your life is that of a traveler’s, constantly showing your clients new places. You are forever running, and that may already push evaluation and strategizing to the background, but that is important for your business. So, you need something that gets you easy visibility over your business.
  • Lost Opportunities
    Yours is a hectic schedule and you may sometimes forget to catch up with people who have shown interest.Every real estate agent wants to make sure that their leads feel heard. So, you want to stay in touch with them but that can be a tough job for someone who’s packed in the middle of field trips. This is where a CRM system will help you again!

So, if you would like to bring more structure and lesser problems to your office, while you help everyone find their offices, you should unlock the multiple benefits of a good Commercial Real Estate CRM tool.
We say “Commercial Real Estate CRM” because we understand the very unique demands of your business.
You have so much on your plate – agents, sellers, buyers, leads, banks, lenders, landlords, tenants, legal authorities, Government regulations, listings; so just any other tool can not do the deed!


You need something especially curated for you.

At CompanyHub, we ensure that all demands of a commercial real estate firm are taken care of.

Since you are busy helping people find the right place, your CRM should be the right place you have been looking for. A good CRM system is-

  • A Place For All Your ClientsIf there is one thing a real estate broker knows, it is their clients –
    • How much they can spend
    • Where they are from
    • What they do
    • How many people they have in their teams, etc.

    Hell, you probably know how many children they have and how is their wife Karen doing!

    People put their trust in someone they choose to buy a property from. No one would put all their life’s savings into your call if they didn’t trust you.

    So, you know a lot about them, and you know this information is useful. Ditch your paper files and put it digitally on the safest platform you know, your personal computer.

    Your CRM tool is a consolidated database manager, where you can make various filters as per your choice. These filters will later help you find and segregate information.

  • A Place For Your Leads To ConvertRemember we told you to keep your leads closer, well, this is how you do it! A good CRM tool would offer you a 360 view of your dashboard. It ensures that everything you need is on a single tab. Just scroll and find whatever you need to scoop out.You can feed their contact details here, and furthermore, track how your agents have been interacting with them. Moreover, if you want to send a lead over to another person, the shift will be effortless. Why?Because on CRM tools such as CompanyHub, your agents get to make notes and update the journey of each lead. So, the new agent filling in their shoes can just pick from where the last person stopped.

    This ensures your brand has a good Omni-channel presence. A lot many times, our leads might feel annoyed if they have to repeat the same information all over again, instead, with CRM tools, your agents know what’s the next step.

  • A Place For Your AgentsIn a commercial real estate business, the main users of a CRM system are your agents. You want to give them a platform that saves their time and makes them want to use it more.When you choose CompanyHub as your Commercial Real Estate CRM, you choose
    • A system so easy, your agents would get a hang of the whole system in just a few hours
    • A CRM system so user-friendly, your training session will be a cakewalk
    • A system that offers them a 360 view of everything in a single tab. Just hover the cursor over the screen to find all the responsive features. More work, lesser clicks!

    Let us further get into details on how a Commercial Real Estate CRM helps your particular business.


The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Real Estate CRM

  • Easily CustomizableYou need something flexible yet highly targeted. You have unique requirements. You need to know the real-time status of payments, document collections, and more.Custom fields can help you track whatever you need.That’s not all for customization, you could even customize your CRM to give you data on how well is your team, a specific listed property, referral scheme, and your overall frontline strategy working.

    You get to call the shots over each and every input that goes into your CRM. You could make new fields and tables depending upon what information you want to keep. For instance, you could make custom fields to record a customer’s budget, preferred location, and much more.

  • Leads Managed BetterAs a real estate broker, do you often find yourself looking for referrals and leads? What if we told you that your business has enough leads already, you just didn’t keep them close!When you get an intuitive CRM like CompanyHub, anybody who shows interest in your services becomes a part of your database.How?

    From your social media campaigns to your website’s inquiry form, there are various opportunities for you to get more leads.

    A good commercial real estate CRM will naturally capture those leads from all your various platforms and present them to you in a comprehensible easy way.

    Not just that, you need a mechanism to classify your leads. You may want to classify them into buyers or sellers, active or passive leads. You can decide your categories, and with custom fields, you can make these filters instantaneously.

    You need flexibility with your platform. We understand that an active lead can eventually go passive, and sellers can become buyers, and it works the other way round too!

    So, a good CRM tool should help you create just as many filters as you need, even sub-filters (a filter inside a filter, because why not? The more, the merrier) if need be.

    Moreover, you should be able to adjust the interest levels of your leads. For instance, at CompanyHub, our hotness meter will help you deal with a lead-based on how interested they seem in your products.

    Leads that are more likely to buy would be scaled “very hot”. Our intuitive AI would remind you every 7 days to communicate, follow-up, and touch base with them.

    For lukewarm leads, you get a reminder every 15 days. For leads that have gone cold and are less likely to convert, we say you don’t lose hope. In those cases, we will remind you to remind them every once a month.

    The idea here is to not let a single opportunity slide away.

    We get it that you have some particular agents for some particular deals. You would naturally want an experienced guy to handle a big-ticket client. You can easily assign deals to your agents, and get visibility over who is doing what on a single screen.

  • Better Communication
    So, we have reminders and suggestions for when you need to contact them. However, what should you tell them? More importantly, HOW should you tell them?Experts would say that you should communicate frequently, that’s key to business growth. So, to help you do that, a good CRM tool would come with bulk mail and SMS features.But wait, why do you need this?Because you need to tell them about:

    1. An open house you are hosting: The more people come, the more your chances of sales!
    2. A new referral scheme that can benefit your business and clients alike.
    3. A payment receipt: Let your clients feel assured when they choose you.
    4. A meeting confirmation: People can forget sometimes! Why not remind them?
    5. A deal confirmation: In the happy moment of deal finalizing, remember it’s a HUGE moment for your new client. Congratulate them, and let them know it’s a combined victory.
    6. Brokerage Details: You’ll often need to acquaint your brokers, clients, other brokerage firms with your business.
    7. Property trends and vacant real estate: Just because somebody has bought once doesn’t mean they won’t again! An old client is more likely to choose you than a new one, so keep on throwing possibilities their way!
    8. Birthdays and anniversaries: They matter for everyone! Don’t let your clients be a one-time affair, keep them hooked on to your services.
    9. Spark cold leads: Never give up; they will eventually need you!

    Woah, that’s a lot of mailing!

    Plus, you also need to send text messages because they probably get a lot of newsletters already!

    Also, if word of mouth works anywhere, then it’s real estate. You want to make sure your clients remember you and talk about how reliable you are.

    To do that, keep those mails and texts running.

    We don’t mean to scare you but that’s a scary load of work!

    But hey, you’ll have a genie, remember!

    Tools like CompanyHub can automate this process. From scheduling when you want the mail sent to bulk mailing 40 people in a single click, we got you!

    Our mailing features will not only reduce your hard work but they will amplify your personal touch. We give you well-drafted responsive templates for your mails, and you can personalize them more using custom fields.

    Not just that, how do you feel about email appointment bookings?

  • Appointments Done Right!
    People get distracted when there are way too many clicks involved. You give them a link to click on, they click there, “please wait, redirecting”, a landing page opens…uh oh, slot occupied, choose another! Not a pleasant customer journey…So, when you send a potential client a mail, give them an option to book an appointment or call slot with you in a single click. They can see your availability and book in a second.That increases your chances of actually getting the client on your table, and that’s one step closer to a deal won.
  • Give Your Customers The Smoothest Journey
    The ultimate goal we are running for is a won deal. However, there are so many things in between.You want to make sure nothing goes wrong. So, to help you do that, a good commercial real estate CRM tool will ensure you have no difficulty taking your leads from one stage to another till they finally convert into happy clients, they will do so by giving you the feature of:

    • Drag and drop: No technical work required, change your platform yourself in two simple movements.
    • Tracking: Where has a particular deal reached? At what point is it stuck? How are your referral programs doing? Where is the payment status? – TRACK everything!
    • Automated tasks: Send mails every time a lead crosses a particular stage and build credibility.
    • Integrations: You should have marketing, calling, service, payment- all sorts of tools in one place!
  • Reporting That Makes Sense!
    Extremely crucial!You need reports over:

    1. How well is a real estate agent performing?
    2. What are your commission revenues?
    3. Which brokerage firms are bringing you the most of your referrals?
    4. How is a particular area’s real estate doing?
    5. The price trends of your listings
    6. The popularity of your listings with time
    7. How many people have opened your mails?
    8. Your deal conversion ratio
    9. Your sales to expenses ratio
    10. How are your social media ads doing?

    Just a few important reports!

    You would need a LOT lot more, and good commercial real estate CRM tools would have everything your business needs to make sense and sales.

All-in-all we can easily conclude that, a good commercial real estate CRM is the backbone your real estate firm needs. From lead nurturing to repeat sales, it needs to have it all together.
Although it is essential for good software to also be easy, we understand that you may need a little bit of help in the beginning.
At CompanyHub, you can reach out to us 24X7, if you need any help at any time not just in the beginning! We are here for your full journey, so TRY NOW.

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