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Sales Team Hates CRM?

Give 'em Easy-as-Excel CRM They Will Actually Use.
It's Also Easy To Setup, Customize & Automate.

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CompanyHub Is Fully Customizable For Your Industry

You can organize any data / process. Not just leads.

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Get 360° View of Leads At One Place

See Conversations, Emails, Notes, Tasks, etc. at 1 place and decide next steps

CRM for small businesses
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Save At Least 2 Hours Every Day
With Complete Productivity Suite

Save Time With 2-Way Email Sync, Email Templates & Bulk Mail

  • 1. Paste Email
  • 2. Personalize
  • 3. Send Mail
Keep repeating for an hour
  • 1. Select Contacts
  • 2. Select Template
  • 3. Send Mail
Done in 2 minutes
14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Organize Your Data The Way You Want
With Drag-Drop Tools.

Custom Fields & Tables

Track all the information you need with custom fields & tables

Columns & Filters

See all the important information instantly by customizing columns.
Filter data in a click with saved filters.

Get "Easy As Excel" CRM Your Team Will Actually Use

Manage leads from a single page. Just like Excel.

Create Leads Instantly

Quickly create a new Lead /Contact
without leaving the page

Edit Fields of Different Records
Like Excel

Double click any field to make changes.
And save all changes in 1 click.

Add Notes / Tasks / Conversations

Add activity also from same page

14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Automate Alerts, Reminders, Lead Assignment, Detecting Duplicates
or Any Other Process in Clicks with Drag Drop Automation.

Every modern sales organization, like yours, must automate the boring tasks and focus on productive things.

Sales automation CRM

Automate almost anything in clicks.

  • Alerts / reminders to sales people
  • Reminders / mails to clients
  • Alerts / notifications to managers
  • Automate any workflow / process like checking duplicates
  • Bulk changes like transferring leads

Create Professional Looking Quotes In 1 Click

  • Custom branding and design
  • Fully customizable as per your needs
14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.
create quotes in seconds

Capture Leads Automatically From Website

And easily integrate with 1000+ apps using Zapier / PieSync

Web to Lead - Lead Management System

See Sales Activities, Performance of Sales Team & Customer Insights With Very Easy Yet Powerful Reporting.

See sales activities

How many emails they sent, calls they made, new leads etc

See sales activities - Pipeline report

Compare Performance of Sales People

Sales Pipeline report

Analyze Anything in Realtime

Sales, deal sizes, close rate, activities, comparative performance, etc.

For Any Time Frame

Last 6 months, Last 30 days, Last Month, Last 2 quarters etc

Awesome Visualizations

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Pivot Table
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