CompanyHub provides integration with 1000’s of apps through Zapier, API and PieSync integration. There are some apps with whom we have direct integration like Facebook for other webapps we have a third-party integrator platform Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation platform that allows non-developers to easily connect webapps and move information between them, saving time, money, developer effort, and increasing productivity.


Each connection between CompanyHub and another webapp is called a Zap. These Zaps are a great way to use CompanyHub as a trigger and automate manual tasks. There are hundreds of Zaps you can create based on any trigger you need.


We have listed down some of the major webapps that you can integrate with CompanyHub using Zapier. You can find many such webapps on Zapier which you can integrate with your CompanyHub account.

CompanyHub and Xero integration

You can integrate CompanyHub with Xero through Zapier integration. There are various triggers and actions available in Zapier which will help you in integrating Xero with CompanyHub. This will help you in viewing all your Contact’s payments history in one single place.


You can create a custom table which will store all the payment-related information and associate or link it with a Contact. This will help you in getting complete details of your customers in 1 place under the Contacts tab.


Some examples of how you can integrate CompanyHub and Xero are –

  1. Create / update a record in CompanyHub when a Contact makes a new payment.
  2. Create a deal in CompanyHub whenever a Contact is created in Xero.

You can refer to the following link for more information related to CompanyHub and Xero integration

CompanyHub and quickbooks integration

Using Zapier integration, you can have all your expense and accounting related information from Quickbooks added into your CompanyHub account. You can create custom tables for expense and / or payments and keep track of all your expenses / revenue from CompanyHub.


Some examples of how you can use Quickbooks and CompanyHub integration are-


  1. Create / update a record in a custom table whenever a new payment is made in Quickbooks.
  2. Create / update a record whenever a new expense is recorded in Quickbooks.

You can find many such examples or create your own examples of integration using Zapier. For further information on this integration you can refer to

Add new tax rates as per your business / country’s regulations

Every Country has their different sets of taxes which are applicable in the business processes. You can add multiple tax rates in your CompanyHub account. To do that please refer to the following steps

CompanyHub and mailchimp integration

You can use Zapier integration to link your CompanyHub and Mailchimp account to directly add new contacts into your mailchimp list or get contacts from your Mailchimp account to CompanyHub.


Some examples of how you can integrate Mailchimp and CompanyHub –


  1. Create new contact in Mailchimp campaign whenever a contact is created in CompanyHub
  2. Create a new contact in CompanyHub whenever a subscriber is added in Mailchimp.

You can find many such examples of integrations on the following link

CompanyHub and facebook integration

You can also integrate your Facebook ads account with CompanyHub to capture leads from your Facebook ads into your CompanyHub account.


To setup this integration flow refer to the following steps-

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Click on Publishing Tools at the top of the Page.
  3. Click Leads Setup.
  4. In the search bar, type in CompanyHub.
  5. Click “Connect” to start the integration flow

For further information regarding this integration please refer to –