Deal is an opportunity / project / proposal / bid / order that you are trying to win.

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Deal Stages

A Deal usually goes through different stages like Discussion, Proposal, Negotiation etc. And these stages are different for different companies based on their sales process.

Note: There are two standard stages that can’t be changed and are not shown on Pipeline – Closed Won & Closed Lost. They indicate that deal is closed. As Pipeline is used to see open deals, closed deals are not shown on Pipeline.

Deal Pipeline

Deal Pipeline shows you open deals (deal that are not won / lost yet) by stages. You can see the deals in each stage and the potential amount in each stage. This gives you complete visibility in your sales pipeline. Closed deals (Won / Lost) are not shown on pipeline.


As your Deal progresses, just drag it to the new stage. New Deal stage will be automatically updated and pipeline will also be updated.

Once a deal is closed, just mark it as won / lost. Deal stage & close date will be updated and Deal will disappear from pipeline.

Customize Deal Stages

You can customize deal stages from SettingsCustomize FieldsDeal. Select Deal stage. You can add or remove the stages from here. You can’t edit a stage name.

Note: When you add or remove stages from Deal customization page, stages of existing records are not modified. So if a stage is removed, deals in that stage might not be shown in pipeline (but they are present and can be seen in Table view). Also when you will edit a record in a removed stage, you will have to choose one of the then existing stages.

Customize Deal Pipeline

On Deal pipeline page, you can only customize Deal stages and you can filter deals using filters. Other things can’t be customized. To see additional fields etc., you can switch to Table view.

See Deals in Table

Click on ‘Table View’ to see Deals in table instead of Pipeline. Here you can see even closed deals, based on filter.

sales pipeline see deals in table

Tracking additional info with custom fields

You can track additional information about Deals like products, probability etc., by adding custom fields. How to add custom fields?

Filtering Deals

Want to see deals of particular sales person / city / size etc? You can filter records based on any field, including custom fields. You can change columns of table view too. And you can save these filters so next time you can filter in 1 click. How to create filters / change columns?

Reporting on Deals

You can analyze your sales performance, by creating reports on ‘Deal’ table.

Creating charts

Creating table reports

Reporting on Deal stage changes

CompanyHub tracks Deal stage changes in a table called ‘Field Change’. Everytime you change Deal stage, a record is created with Deal, old stage, new stage, date, who changed. This table is visible only in reports.


To see Deal stage changes or do reporting on it, create a report on table ‘Field Changes’ and use ‘Old Value’ and ‘New Value’ in those reports.

Creating charts

Creating table reports

Adding Notes & Tasks to Deals

Add a note / task

Notes & Tasks can be added to Deal from Table view and from Deal record page.

Click on Deal name to see all details