Transfer contacts & other records from one salesperson to another

Similar use cases: Find records that match certain criteria and modify them / send mails / create tasks

Sometimes, like when a salesperson leaves the company, you need to transfer his / her contacts, deals etc. to another salesperson. This UTron will make it easy. You can also achieve this using Bulk Update.
  • Logical Flow:
    1. Find all records which are assigned to an old salesperson
    2. Assign all those contacts to a new salesperson

    This example transfers contacts. You can repeat it for companies, deals etc by changing the type of records and following a similar process for each type of record that you want to transfer.

    Logical Flow for similar use cases:
    1. Find all records that match certain criteria
    2. Modify fields you want to change. Similarly, you can also create tasks or send emails.

    • When to execute: Now
    • On which records: Contacts
    • Filter criteria: Assigned To = (Select old salesperson)
    • Action: Modify record

      • Details of Modify record:

        1. Assigned to : (Select new salesperson)

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