Create task for a Contact

Go to UTrons (Only admins can create / manage UTrons). Choose One Time Changes UTron (We don’t need to do this repeatedly.)

In most cases, your need will be –

  • Find records (contacts / companies / deals etc.) that match certain criteria

  • Then do some operations on these records like send mail, create task, etc.


UTron is capable of doing lot more. But to easily cover the common needs, we show you a wizard (except in Data Changes UTron) in start which lets you easily do these two steps.

See the intro slide of wizard and click Continue.

  1. Select Records

    • We need to select records of type Contacts. So select table ‘Contact’.

    • Now we need to tell which Contacts we want to select.

      Here, usually, we give conditions like Source = ‘Web’, Country = ‘US’ etc. So all records that match these conditions get selected.


      For this exercise, for simplicity, we will choose a particular Contact by giving condition Name = (some value here).

      • Click ‘Select field & its condition’ Select field ‘Contact Name’

      • Select field ‘Contact Name’

      • It shows you different values of that field from your records. So if you choose field city, you might see options like New York, Paris, etc. So you can easily select your criteria. For now, select the first contact name that you see. Remember the name. Click apply. Then click continue.

  2. Action – Create Task

    • Above step will select records that match given criteria. In our case it will be single record with selected name. Now we need to tell what we want to do with each of the selected records. Click ‘Create Task’.

    • Set Task details

      • Task : My first UTron
      • When is it due : (leave as it is)
      • Category : Call
      • Who’s responsible : (select your name)
      • Related to : ContactRecord (more details about this later)
    • Click ‘Save’

      Then we generate the flow for you.


      The flow can be read & understood as:

      • Select Contacts (that match criteria).
      • Lets give a name to this list – SelectedContacts
      • Pass every contact in SelectedContacts to List Flow one by one:

        • Lets call the current contact being passed as ‘ContactRecord’
        • Create Task for ContactRecord (every contact in list)

      Once wizard creates the flow, its possible to add more operations to the flow.

    • Click Test & Execute

    • It should show you preview of Task that is about to be created, under success.

    • Click Continue. Read & accept the conditions. And then execute.
    • After execution, your Task will be created. You can verify by going to Tasks page.

    Congrats on building your first UTron!

    Now lets make the second UTron without using wizard