Customizable CRM



Custom Fields

Track any information like geography, industry, size etc or associate different records using custom fields.

Customizable CRM - add custom field

Save Filters / Change Columns

You can filter records in 1 click, create new filters, change columns and set default filters.

customizable crm - save filters and change columns

Custom Reports

You can create your own reports on any data including custom fields & tables

customizable crm - custom reports

You can filter records by any criteria like country, date range, sales person, Deal size etc

filter records of specific persons

Change the chart or see as table – in 1 click

change chart type

Custom Forms / Tables

In many cases you might want to track data other than contacts, companies, deals etc, which you don’t see in CompanyHub by default. Like Payments, Courses, Properties etc. They will have own forms and data. You can track them by creating custom tables and adding fields to them. Immediately you will see pages similar to contacts & companies. You can see records, create filters, do reporting etc. If you associate them with another table, a tab will appear on each record of that table, which will show associated records.

customization - custom forms and tables

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