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Different types of Tabular reports:

summarize tabular report
summarize tabular report multi column
summarize tabular report with rows
tabular report with actual values

How to create tabular report

  1. Choose table

    First choose Table (type of records) on which you want to do reporting. By default ‘Deal’ is chosen.


    In some cases, it is not obvious which table should you choose for reporting. Below table will help in such cases.

    Need Table
    Reporting on Email / Calls / Tasks etc Activity
    Change in values of a field like Deal Stages (Tracking changes should be enabled for that field) y Field Changes
    Sale / Purchase of Products Sales Order Product / Purchase Order Product
  2. Choose Tabular report

    In most cases, when creating Tabular report, you want to see totals. So you must choose Report – Table with sub totals

    Sales Analytics -  table with subotals

    Occasionally, you might want to see actual data in report. In that case choose Table with actual values.

    Sales Analytics -  table with actual values
  3. Choose Summarize

    What number do you want? Like

    • Sum of Deal amount
    • Count of Contacts Created
    • Average number of emails sent
    • Count of unique values for a field

    If nothing is chosen, click in front of Summarize. Else click existing value to change it. Choose whether you want sum / count etc. Then choose the field for which total should be calculated. You can also summarise more than one fields by clicking .

  4. Choose Column

    You might want to see the total by sales person / user, by date range (by week / month / quarter / year) or by any other field. Select that field on Column. E.g. to see sales by country, select country on Column. A column will be shown for each country, along with its total.

    How do i?

    Note: Descriptions in below links mention X Axis / Y Axis. In Tabular reports, those options are available in rows as well as columns.

    See Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Reports
    See report by Sales person / User
    Use fields of associated records (different table)

  5. Choose Row

    Sales Analytics -  choose row

    To see a table of X by Y, like above, add the second field to row. So you will see totals for different combinations of X & Y. In above table, Column contains Activity Type (Email, Call etc.) and Row contains Activity Owner (user). So you see activities by each user – how many emails, calls etc.

  6. Filter Records

    You can easily restrict your report to specific records, period or users by adding filters. Just select field and it’s condition. You can also add multiple filters. Learn filters in more detail here.

Multiple Rows / Columns / Summaries

If you want to see further breakup by sub category/ segments of selected row / column, click on ‘+’ and select the sub category field.

Sales  Analytics - multiple columns and rows

Similarly, you can also see multiple totals.

Sales Analytics - multiple rows columns summaries