Assumption : There is a custom field ‘Birthday’ of type ‘Date’ in Contact Table

Design of UTron Flow

Type : Scheduled UTon


Everyday we need to find Contacts, whose birthday is today, and send them mail. That’s why we create a scheduled UTon and schedule it to be activated everyday.

Logical Steps
  • Find all contacts whose birthday is today
  • Send a mail to each such contact
Steps in UTron
  • Select contacts
    Where Birthday is Today (Ignore year)
  • Send Mails


This is how your flow will look.


Make sure you have done both the Get Started tutorials before this :

Get Started – Part 1

Get Started – Part 2

To create UTron, you must be admin. Go to UTrons And choose “Scheduled UTron”.

  1. Select Records : We need to select Contact records (filter) whose Birthday is today.

    • Select Table ‘Contact’
    • Select Field : Birthday (custom field)
    • Select Condition : Period – Date Today (Ignore Year).
    If you are not using wizard, and instead adding steps to flow, a List Flow will be automatically added to your flow after above step. Add below step(s) inside this List Flow. Selected records will be passed to this List Flow one by one and the operations will be performed on each record.
  2. Select Action: Send Email

    • Select sender : Select your email account from which you would like to send email. You need to have atleast 1 email account added.

    • Select recipient : Select Contact’s Email field

    • Subject & Email content : Compose the mail. You can also add fields and they will be replaced by actual values when sending.

  3. Continue. Your UTron Flow will be automatically created for you. You can add more steps if needed.

  4. Test the UTron

  5. Schedule the UTron to run daily by selecting all days of the week.