How to send bulk mail

Select the contacts you want to mail and click ‘Bulk Mail’.

Bulk mail is only supported for ‘Contacts’. Go to Contacts. Select / create filter to find matching contacts. Select all visible contacts or specific contacts you want to mail. By default you see 20 records at a time. So select more records at a time, change records per page to 200 and then select.


Then click ‘Bulk Mail’.

Personalize email with contact fields

Insert Contact fields like First Name in mail so it will be personalized before sending.

You can add fields in subject too. You can also send test mail to yourself to see how the mail will look.

Track email opens & link clicks

Select ‘Track’ option to track opens & clicks.

We will show you which emails were opened, which were not, which links were clicked and how many times.

Bulk Mail -  email tracking bulk mail track opens and clicks

Choosing Email account to send mail

If you have added multiple accounts, you can choose from which account mails should be sent.