How to track emails

Before sending mail, select ‘Track Email’

Track Email - track email opens and clicks

You can see email opens, link clicks and emails not opened. You can also see how many times it was opened / link was clicked, along with the time.

Note: Due to technical limitations (details below) some email opens might not be detected, or your open might be recorded as open by contact. Also, when there are multiple recipients, it can’t be determined who exactly opened. This limitation applies to every provider of email tracking.

Is my email provider supported?

Yes. All mails sent from CompanyHub can be tracked, irrespective of the email provider.


But you can only track emails you send from CompanyHub. For gmail / google apps, you can track mails sent from gmail too.

Tracking mail sent directly from gmail / google apps

Install CompanyHub’s chrome plugin for Gmail from here. A new bar will appear at bottom of compose window. Select ‘Track’ before sending mail. Wait for button colour to change green. Then send the mail. You can use this even without mail sync.

track email from gmail

When someone will open mail / click link, you will get realtime notification.


You can also see opens and clicks in Gmail. For more details, you can go to CompanyHub.

Track Email - see opens and clicks in Gmail

Tracking bulk mail

You can also track bulk mail for opens / clicks / not opened.

Track Email - Track bulk mail opens & clicks

How email tracking works and its limitations

For every tracked email, a hidden image of 1×1 pixel is included in the email. When the email is opened, this image is pulled to render the email. Since every image has a different name, we use this to identify that email was opened. To track link, we modify the links in an email so that it first redirected to our site along with identifier and then open the actual link.


  • If the recipient has configured not to show images in email by default, image will not be pulled and we can’t detect open.
  • If there are multiple recipients, we can’t find who opened.
  • Even if you open, we can’t determine who opened so we assume the other person opened. However, if you are using our chrome plugin for gmail, and you open from same browser, while you are logged in to CompanyHub, we can determine that you opened and we don’t record that open.