How email sync works

Just create Contact with email address. Its past & future conversations will be automatically synced.

You must first enable email sync. When you create / import a contact, its standard ‘Email’ field is matched against senders & recepients of each email. For every matching contact, email is added to Contact’s activity. So you can see the conversation under each contact.

Email Sync - enable email sync

Emails are synced every few hours. So there might be some delay before they are visible in CRM. Also, when you send a mail from CompanyHub, it is sent immediately but not shown in contact activity until next sync.

How to add email account

CompanyHub supports Google, Exchange, Office 365 and most other email providers using IMAP. Most email providers support IMAP. POP3 is not supported

Add Office 365 / Other Email Providers (IMAP)

Enter the email address and email password just like you enter in outlook. CompanyHub will automatically try to detect your IMAP settings (isn’t that awesome?).

In case you want to add account for sending mails from CompanyHub but don’t want to sync emails in CompanyHub, uncheck ‘Sync Emails’ option.

Email Sync - add office 365 or ther email providers

If CompanyHub finds your email settings and email & password are correct, your email account will be added. If ‘Sync Emails’ was selected, syncing will start. It will fetch emails of last 6 months. Syncing will take few minutes.

If your settings could not be detected, you will see new IMAP settings section

Enter the settings that you use in Outlook. You can also search for Outlook settings (IMAP) of your email provider and use those settings. Once you have entered those settings, click the button again.

Email Sync - imap settings

Invalid username / password

If you get invalid username / password error, make sure you are using correct credentials that you use to login to your email account.

Other errors?

Maybe you have not enabled IMAP for your account. In that case enable IMAP. You can also contact our support on chat for help.

Add Google Account

If you signed up using google account, just enable email sync.

Email Sync - enable email sync of gmail account

If you didn’t signup using google / want to add additional google accounts

Click ‘Add Account’, select ‘Google’ and click ‘Add Account’.

Email Sync - add google account

You will be redirected to google. Click ‘Allow’.

Email Sync - add google account google redirect page

If ‘Sync Emails’ was selected, syncing will start. It will fetch emails of last 6 months. Syncing will take few minutes.

Add Exchange Account

Select exchange and enter settings of your exchange account.

Email Sync - add exchange account

Multiple Accounts

Click ‘Add account’ to add additional email accounts. All accounts will be synced. When sending email, you will be able to choose from which account you want to send email.

Disable Sync

Email Sync - disable email sync

Remove Account

Email Sync -remove email account