File format

CompanyHub doesn’t force you to create file in particular format. Just it should be a CSV. You can have any number of columns, with any name, in any order. Import wizard will let you map file columns to its fields.

Got excel file? No problem.

Excel let’s you export as CSV.

Import Leads - save excel as CSV

How to Import

  1. Select what types of records (table) you want to import. You can select upto 3 tables at a time (like if you have contacts, companies, deals in a single CSV file). If you select multiple tables, their records will be automatically associated
    Import Leads -select type of recrods
  2. Select the file and upload will start
  3. You will see tabs for each selected table. You can map the columns for each, one by one.
  4. Map the fields with the columns. All required fields (marked with *) must be mapped.
    Import Leads - require fields

Note: For fields where you select value(s) from list of values, like Deal Stage, values in file must be exactly same as those shown in CompanyHub. Otherwise those records will not be imported.

Create new fields from import wizard

If you can’t find a matching field for a column you want to import, you can create and map that field from import wizard itself. But some field types can’t be created from import wizard.

Import failed? How to fix and update

Import of a record fails if any field contains invalid value or a required field was blank. After import you get a mail with a link to a file containing failed records, along with reason for failure of each record. You can download the file of failed records, fix the errors, and upload the new file again.

Fixing the errors

* Required field missing

If a required field was missing, enter value for that field. If you don’t know the value, you could set it to some default value like ‘Unknown’ / 0 etc depending on type of field.

Invalid value: Based on the type of field, make sure the value follows below rules

  • Pick one option (like Deal stage) – Value should exactly match one of the options.
  • Pick multiple options – Values should be comma separated, enclosed in double quotes. Example “Option A, Option B”. Quotes should also be there, unless there is single value (option) chosen.
  • Date / Date & Time – Import allows lots of formats. It’s detects the format from values and converts to standard format. But all values of a column should be in same date format. Else it won’t find format and all will fail.
  • Yes / No – Value should be true / false
  • Number – Can be upto 9 digits long. Only digits and decimal are allowed.
  • Amount – Currency symbol / any character is NOT allowed. Only digits, decimal and maximum 9 digits.
  • Single line text – Max 255 characters
  • Multi line text – Max 64000 characters

Export records

You can easily export your data for each table. But only admin can export.

  1. Select the records you need to export and click ‘Export’ button.
  2. Select the fields you want to export and click ‘Export’
  3. You will get a mail with link to download the file. Note that this mail might come after few seconds / minutes. Also the link is valid only for 2-3 days for security reasons.