Quick Add

Quickly create a new Lead / Contact without leaving the page

Want to fill other fields too? Instead of Quick Add, click on ‘New’ to see all fields.

How to add field in Quick Add?

Quick Add shows only 5 fields. It shows all required fields and first few fields. To add a field to Quick Add, go to customize fields and drag that field to bring it in first few fields.

Adding Notes / Conversation / Tasks

Add a note / conversation / task

Click on contact name to see all notes, conversations & other details

It will show all previous activities, including email communication, email opens, click etc. Email communication is automatically synced if email sync is enabled.

Make Changes like excel

Double click any field to make changes. Save all changes in 1 click.

You can modify different fields of different records and save all changes in 1 click.

Send Followups

This feature is available only for Contacts.

Click on email icon, see previous conversation & send followup.

If you have given email address of Contact, mail icon will appear in actions column. Click that to open followup window. It shows you previous conversations & activities and helps you send followup.

You can format the mail, track it, schedule it and ask for reminder in case you don’t get a reply.

You can also send followup from Contact page.

Filter / Change Column

Want to see leads (or any type of records) of particular sales person / city / size etc? You can filter records based on any field, including custom fields. You can change columns too. And you can save these filters so next time you can filter in 1 click.

Search & Sort

Use the search box to find any record. It searches in all fields of that table (but only those records that are visible to you) and shows matching records.

To sort records by a column, click on the column name. To change the order, click again.

See More Records

To see or select more records at a time, increase the number of records per page. You can see upto 200 at a time.

Create any type of record from menu

Main menu also gives you a shortcut to jump to New Record page