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CompanyHub’s Exclusive CRM For Startups
For A Journey From Humble Beginnings To Ambitious Milestones!

Easy to use, affordable, and loaded with top-notch features, this is everything you’ve wanted
from a CRM for startups…plus, you get to make it your way!

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An Easy Breezy CRM to Get your Whole Team Excited

Are you worried that CRMs may be too technical for your team to get onboard?

We understand that a CRM for startups needs to be easy to use. Find everything you need at a single place with our 360 view.
A software so easy to understand, no one from your team would be left behind.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
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14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.
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Tired Of Changing CRMs?
We Got You!

We understand that as a business grows, demands change. So to accommodate your evolving requirements, our CRM is super flexible and high on customization.

Create new apps with easy drag and drop functionality or choose from a wide plethora of custom fields – CompanyHub would throughout be the backbone of your business.

Giving your Startup the Right Structure

Startups are often attached with these three labels: Exciting, promising but …messy!

So, CompanyHub’s CRM for startups is here to take care of the latter. Whether it is organizing the tasks or dividing them among your team members; structuring your work would never be a problem with our efficient project management tools.

organizing the tasks

Have a Say in Everything with CompanyHub

With our segregation filters, you get to decide the power you allot to each user. Simply put, you can filter out who sees what, who accesses what on the software, and you get to schedule things too. With our customization-pro CRM, startups can truly make things their way by adding fields they want, whenever they want, and however they want.

The CRM that Sorts All your Email Problems Away

CompanyHub’s CRM for startups has been curated with email features at its core. Choose from our repository of templates or make one yourself. Emails at CompanyHub’s CRM feel personalized, not cliché! Even when you’re sending out bulk mails, you get to customize everything to a point that each one feels personally drafted.

personalized email templates

Ace The Timing With Automated

What do Birthdays and confused clients
have in common?

Give them a special treatment, it works out well. But if your forget them, you lose them. The most heartfelt wishes and the best convincing pitches are useless, if not timed right. With our follow-up suggestions and automated reminders, we’ll make sure you never forget important dates or people.

A Cost-Efficient CRM For Startups

With packages starting at just $15 per month, CompanyHub’s CRM makes cost-efficiency a
doable thing. A CRM for startups that would end up becoming your whole IT department! How?

Well, apart from effective organizing, storing, and tracking, CompanyHub allows you to automate your
repeated processes, thus, enabling you to reduce cost and maximize productivity.
CompanyHub’s CRM for startups is the AWS for business apps at an affordable price.

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14 Days Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

A CRM For Startups That Are
Always On The Go

Our easy to understand mobile app would help you keep an eye on your business anytime, and anywhere.

Get the Reports That Help you Grow

We know that young entrepreneurs and CEOs barely have the time to indulge in minute details. So CompanyHub offers you intuitive and flawless reporting tools, to get a hang of whatever is going on in a quick overview.

Advance Project Management
With Easy Tracking

Track transactions, work progress, document collection
– whatever you want with real time updates.

And If You Need Any Help…

Our fast and friendly customer support is always at your disposal.
Feel free to say “hello”.

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