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CompanyHub’s Lead Capture Software Is Ideal For Live Chat,
Capturing Leads, Emails, And Calls

The software is also perfect for marketing and sales automation

Capture leads automatically without any hassles
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Fully Customizable Lead Capture Software

Create powerful reports easily, while managing multiple marketing channels

Capture Email Leads

In CompanyHub’s software leads are automatically captured when receiving email from an unrecognized address.

Export and Importin Excel

Importing leads in CSV or Excel file is easier than ever using advance CRM software. Export from CRM option is also available.

Enter Information Manually

Sales agents can enter relevant lead information in CRM manually.

Capture Website Lead

Create a web form either by altering your website code or via advance marketplace apps. Information entered via this form will be automatically saved in CRM.

Capture Phone Leads

Just like with website and email users can create a lead automatically in CRM when a phone call is received from an unknown number. Using our Lead Capture Software you can facilitate yourself with high-end telephony services.

A Complete Solution For Lead Capturing

Our lead capturing software is all in one solution to manage and capture all leads, regardless of their source.
CompanyHub offers automatic and competitive solutions to match the leads.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Don’t Miss Potential Leads Anymore

Once the lead is captured by lead capture software users can use sales automation tools like email marketing, lead management, lead distribution, lead qualification, invoice, and quotes for managing hot leads.

Our lead capture software can be easily integrated
and customized with other tools

It is more than just CRM

The software is ideal for –

Employee engagement

Document management

Sales agent management

Sales funnel management

Today, every business needs this software for monitoring their current and prospective
customers. Turn prospects into sales leveraging the power of technology.

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