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CompanyHub CRM for Higher Education is designed to help educational institutions satisfy the needs of end-customers (students) and gain an edge over the competitors.

Build communication and engage with students in a better way
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Track Potential Leads in Real-Time

Our CRM Systems are integrated with tracking tools that allow administers to track leads and enhance sales

Deliver High-Quality Service

Handling student enquires is easier with Higher Education CRM. From making follow-ups to keeping records of every student enquiry and interaction you can automate various day-to-day working using the system.

Streamline Tasks

Eliminate manual processes to increase the efficiency and consistency of the staff

Set Reminders and Monitor Fee Payments

Run your institute’s finance operations smoothly by automating the fee payment process. This avoids human errors and discrepancies during the operation.

Build Good Alumni Relations

Alumni help students in defining their career goals by providing key networking contacts

Manage the Admission Procedure

Manage admissions lifecycle from a single platform. You can store all kinds of information in the system including the program and course of the student, roll number, batch number of the student and more.

Manage Connections

The advanced features of CRM for Higher Education allow users to build
and manage connections with students and parents.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Generate Analytical Reports

Our CRM software allows individuals to generate reports related to staff, students, and parents. It is easy to assess the organization’s performance in the real-time. Communications Higher Education CRM can help institutions to meet high expectations of the students.

Advance CRM solution comes with powerful features
that enhance the efficiency of the staff

The CRM comes with unlimited good features that help

Manage admissions

Track Leads

Handle Inquiries

Monitor Payments

Enrich your interactions and establish personalized communication with the
students in order to achieve measurable results and make informed decisions.

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