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We Make Personal CRM Simpler,
Smarter and Truly Personal

CompanyHub’s highly customizable and futuristic Personal CRM is what every solopreneur needs!
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Followup Suggestions - Customizable CRM

The CRM that Works For You!

Our “Follow-up suggestions” will make sure you don’t miss out on any possibilities. No potential lead goes unnoticed with our special automated “reminders” feature. Thus, making your Personal CRM work for your best!

Putting the “Personal” Into Personal CRM

CompanyHub offers ease of use and customizability like no other. With highly personalized segregation features, you get to make your own filters, define roles and configure visibility just how you want it.

CompanyHub Hotness

Analysing “Hot or Not”

Based on your last conversation date with a potential lead and the interest levels you have indicated towards the conversation, CompanyHub offers the “hotness” meter to help you keep a track of what’s more promising.

Say NO to Confusion with CompanyHub’s Personal CRM.

Tired of too many sheets, tabs, and scattered features? Company Hub’s Personal CRM has eliminated the clutter, and brings to you a single page dynamic. Be it creating a task or editing it, it’s all on the same sheet. Go on, play with it!

Edit Like Excel

Secure and Private Data Storage Options

CompanyHub’s Personal CRM, safely and with concern for your privacy, accesses your mail data to filter out spams and recommend fruitful leads. Taking personalized care to another level, CompanyHub offers a separate repository for each customer on its Personal CRM.

Who Is It For?

Personal CRM is ideal for sole proprietors, small business owners, solopreneurs, contractors, and
everyone with humble beginning but gracious ambitions!

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