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CompanyHub Personal CRM Helps Individuals In Growing
Their Professional Relationships And Network

Let adaptive and smarter software manage everything for you
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Sync From LinkedIn, Email, Contacts, Calendar, And More

Our personal CRM understands interactions and relationships deeply
and makes intelligent inferences accordingly

Manage Your Tasks Easily

CompanyHub’s CRM solution pulls in customer information securely and privately, from all their accounts. The software acts as and when needed.

Contextual Filtering

Personal CRM created by CompanyHub automatically ignores irrelevant information including spammer contacts and keeps the stuff needed by the user.

Strong Privacy Protections

We give high priority to security and privacy of customer’s account. Our personal CRM software solution prevents data leakage and maintains the security of sensitive information.

No Dealing With Ambiguous Emails Or Events

CompanyHub’s personal CRM identifies and analyses meals, intro emails, etc. using natural language processing. No manual input is required.

Keep Track Of Your Family And Friends

Keep track of all the information of your contacts including their current workplace, major life events, contact information, hobbies and more

Enhance Your Career

Personal CRM is ideal for sole proprietors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors,
and others who are looking forward to cultivating and growing their network.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Helps In Reducing Clutter

Our personal CRM software solution combines contacts and interactions to identify the same individuals across different services. It also helps reduce clutter by facilitating users with intelligently organized email threads.

The Powerful Tool Helps In Centralizing The Contacts
And Managing Network Efficiently

You can use it to –

Build Relationships

Navigate The Network


Sending Reminders

Remember things and important details about your contacts like phone call notes
and how you met so you can improve the relationships further. Set reminders for tasks or
conversations related to your contacts.

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