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CRM Email Marketing Automates
The Complete Email Marketing Campaign

CompanyHub’s CRM allows two-ways synchronization of campaign data and contacts.
Improve the productivity of your sales representatives.
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  • Email Sync
  • Bulk Mail
  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Remind if no reply

Marketing Automation

CRM makes the marketing process easier. From segmenting contacts to email automation and easy workflows this system increases the productivity of sale reps.

Easy Decision Making

TOur CRM solutions compile relevant information from multiple data sources of an organization.

Solidify Customer Satisfaction

Email Marketing for CRM helps businesses to reach their goals, while reducing overall operational costs. The system increases profitability by managing client interactions. Integrating CRM in the current system of the business will enrich customer relationship.

Campaign Management

CompanyHub CRM solutions allow individuals to manage Email Campaign with detailed database segments.

CRM Gmail integration

Targeted Messages

CRM can be customized according to the email marketing needs of the business.

email Automation Software - Automatic mail reminders

Lead Scoring

Its in-built lead scoring tool allows users to assign scores for certain actions, including clocking or opening a link in the emails.

Email Tracking CRM - Email Scheduling CRM Feature

Easy Analytics

Extensive analytics and metrics let marketers track the results of their email marketing. You’ll get a better insight into your efforts’ worth

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