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BizApp Plan Comparison

  • BizApps Basic
  • BizApps Insights
  • BizApps Automation

BizApps Basic

BizApps Insights

BizApps Automation
Basic CRM Tables (Contact, Company, Deal)
Field Level Permission
Number of Records2000050000100000
Tasks, Appointments and Notes
Zapier Integration
Task Management
Standard Reports×
Custom Reports×
Custom Logic××
Scheduled Automation××
Record Level Permission××
Bulk Changes.××

Things available in CompanyHub CRM but not present in BizApps

Email Automation
2 way email sync
Conversation history
Email integration via IMAP
Bulk Emails
Email Templates
Email Tracking
Real-time email alerts
Email Scheduling
Custom SMTP

Quotation Module
Product list
Quotation Templates
Sales Order

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