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What Are You Looking For?

CompanyHub – Fieldbook replacement or a CRM? Confused?

See below to clear all confusions
Btw we just made a new step by step video on how you can replicate your Fieldbook setup and migrate the data :
CompanyHub BizApps a better alternative to FieldBook



So here are answers to all you questions:-


A] What is a CompanyHub BizApp?

CompanyHub BizApp is a platform to build Business Apps / Online Database, similar to Fieldbook. But it also has advanced features like reporting & automation.

B] Is CompanyHub a CRM or Fieldbook replacement?

CompanyHub originally started as a platform for business apps. But then we made a pivot to customizable CRM + platform for business apps. So platform is the underlying layer. CRM is built on top of it (that’s why it’s customizable) and we usually market the CRM part.

When we heard so many people were in distress due to Fieldbook closing down, we thought if we can give a nice deal, they will be really happy and become advocates. And we will also learn many use cases of the platform. And ofcourse we would make some money 🙂 That why we offered a deal on our platform (calling it BizApps), which we usually don’t sell directly yet. So you don’t see any info on website – the deal was done in just few hours!

C] What features do you get in BizApps?

We made a new detailed page of BizApps features over here :

Just to be explicit, this deal is not on the CRM part. So you don’t get follow up suggestion, email sync, bulk mail, email tracking etc. But you get basic tables (sheets) related to CRM – contact, company, deal.

UTrons is same in both – CRM & BizApps.

Recommended: If you see CRM features in trial, change your trial to BizApps trial on top right of app so you see only features covered in BizApps

D] Future of BizApps / upgrades?

BizApps & CRM are powered by same platform. So all the enhancements in the platform, like in fields, tables, reporting, automation (UTrons) are automatically reflected for both. Just that CRM specific features are not available in BizApps. So you don’t have to worry at all about the upgrades.

E] What is CompanyHub BizApps Automation?

CompanyHub lets you automate mundane tasks by creating bots (called UTrons). So you can create a flowchart for things you want to automate and boom!

In UTrons, you can do most of the things like – select records (rows) that match certain criteria, check conditions & have branching, modify records, create new records, send dynamic emails, create tasks etc.

UTrons can run whenever records are created / modified, they can be scheduled or even manually triggered.

Think of it like visual programming for business people, 10 times faster than developers, without a single line of code. Its really really powerful.

You can learn some of the use cases here –

Note: BizApps Automation will soon also adding your email & sending automated emails to team / clients. We are working on it.

P.S.: If you have not bought the deal, buy it before it’s gone :

We hope that we have tried to answer most of your queries however feel free to get in touch with us anytime on [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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