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CompanyHub CRM For Lawyers Is A Secure Way Of Managing
Legal Cases And Client Relationships

We offer a comprehensive system that includes optimal
practice/case management features
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Exclusively Designed CRM for Better Task Management

Our CRM for Lawyers focuses on client retention, lead management, and client intake.

Grow your firm’s business
with bona fide CRM for layers

Our CRM solution is ideal for filing dates, courting dates, tracking clients, and managing contact requests.

Easy Accessibility

You can access and share information from anywhere, anytime with our CRM for Lawyers.

Improved Performance

Extractingclient information and creating analytics reports is easy with our customized CRM solutions. This helps users in improving the profitability of their law firm.

Tracking Clients

CompanyHub’s goal is to help the law firms in tracking their prospective clients’right start.

Enhances Team’s Efficiency

Company Hub’s CRM for Lawyers isn’t limited to customer relationship management. From saving important data to tracking important dates and filing deadlines you can automate a number of tasks using this system.

Streamline the Process

Our CRM system features form builder, lead and contact management,
task management and many other tools that help in streamlining the whole process efficiently.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation


Our CRM is integrated with legal practice management systems that facilitate the users with comprehensive solutions customized for the particular needs of the Law firms.

CompanyHub’s CRM for Lawyers saves the time and efforts of teams

We offer complete solutions to eliminate loopholes in the firm’s working

Our Fully featured CRM offers the benefits of –



Import & Export

…almost everywhere.

Currencies and Taxes, Calendars and Scheduling, Phone Call Recording,
Custom Reports Analyze your pipeline, client relationships, and success rate of your firm,
while managing clients and leads.

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