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CompanyHub CRM For Photographers Is Ideal
For Flawless Management Of Client Base

Optimize your work with in-depth database and smart finance management
We offer smart CRM solutions for faster lead generation.
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Manage Tasks With Detailed To-Do Lists

You can easily track the project’s progress and special requirement

Improve Your Work Efficiency

Automate boring daily tasks to concentrate on lead tracking and management and improve work efficiency

Contact Management

Easily access detailed information of all your current clients including the hot leads

Easy Billing

The in-built invoice feature of our CRM will allow you to organize and send invoices easily

Easy Follow-ups

CompanyHub allows you to set reminders for important meetings and various small tasks

Easy Report Generation

Reporting tools will analyze your financial and sales data efficiently.
The reports generated on the given data help you in mapping the efficiency of various
stages of sales funnel.

Lead Generation

Our CRM for photographers not only allows you to add sales emails of potential leads in the list,
but also offers the benefits of automated email addresses.

Lead Management - 360 view crm
Lead Management - Lead followup automation

Manages Multiple Sales Pipelines

CRM for Photographers lets the users separate their sales by product or workflow. Proper management of sales pipelines makes it easier for the team to manage different processes customized for different projects, customers, or markets.

The powerful elements included, double
the efficiency of sales teams

The tool comes with a combination of features

You can use them in:



Import & Export

…almost everywhere.

Reminders, project management, calendars, lead generation forms, billing systems,
and to do lists that will surely enrich your photography career.
Additional features like cost management and budgeting enhance the overall worth of CRM for

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