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Debating Why to Automate?

UTrons-enabled CompanyHub Smart CRM Software helps you attain a cutting edge
in the competitive market through its unlimited possibilities.

Manage Leads

  • Keep Track of Existing & Potential Clients
  • Consolidated Database to Segregate Leads
  • Send personalized messages as and when required

Contact History

  • Separate logs field wise
  • Ordered communication with sequential reminders
  • Automated Account Verification
Sales process automation

Email & Interaction Tracking

  • Maintain record's of all the emails pitched
  • Know which visitor has the potential to turn leads
  • Keep track of the interaction between sales & lead so as to find the most promising lead.

Your team has built such a thoughtful, powerful product – it’s clear how much time and attention has gone into this behind the scenes. I’ve tried out a lot of CRM’s, and nothing else matches up to functionality, usability and flexibility you’ve built in here… Very excited to be using it, i know it will make my business more successful

Jordan Goldman

Founder & CEO of Unigo (acquired) and Switchboard (acquired)
Sales Management Software

Enhanced Collaboration Through Partner Relationship Management

  • Partner onboarding content sharing
  • Personalized mobile partner portals
  • Automated sharing of accounts, records, contacts within organizations across channels

Automated Report's Reduce Possibility of Error

  • Advanced analytics to gain significant insights
  • Sustainable growth
  • Computer-generated metrics with smarter reports
Minimum Data Entry
Custom CRM Solution

Monitor Deals & Integrate Events

  • Manage deals and track milestones
  • Agile calendars with automated ever tracking
  • Auto-creation and deal updates on company creation and successful completion

Get a CRM Customizable for Your Industry

Track anything. Not just leads.

  • Auto assign queries
  • Prompt notifications
  • One-click invoice
  • Generate reminders

  • Lead consolidation from different platforms
  • Lead assignment
  • Client information access
  • Ubiquitous access to package details

Ecommerce Industry
  • Auto assignment of tickets
  • One-click customer information
  • Automated Email and SMS campaigns
  • Track ticket status in real-time

Healthcare Sector
  • Schedule appointments
  • Patient information access
  • Track records of diagnosis
  • Interface to connect doctor and patient

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